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Mission Statement

What is "Take Back The City"? Take Back The City is a Stop-The-Violence campaign dedicated to helping young people make posutuve decisions at critical times in their life. This is accomplished through numerous youth oriented efforts, not the least of which is working to help put inner city kids on a path towards college.


Take Back The City is built on communities working together to "Stop-The-Violence" and build better communities. Steven T. Mitchell, President & Founder of Take Back The City has based the program on seven Guiding Principals:

1) Crime and Violence among our young people is the predominant social issue of our day. 2) It is the express responsibility of this generation to effectively deal with this issue. 3) There are far more good kids out there than bad kids. 4) Excellence should be a standard, not a goal. 5) No matter what spot a kid is standing in, one of us has stood there before. 6) There are far more issues that unite us as a community than divide us. 7) Communities must stand together and stop letting negative forces take over our neighborhoods.

Goals and Objectives

Through the years, Take Back The City has sought to accomplish our mission by working to

· Raise Awareness through the production of multiple series of Stop The Violence and Anti-Drug Video's & PSA's

· Promote positive activities among our youth through their involvement in our annual Stop-The-Violence rallies and other youth oriented activities

· Hands on involvement with our young people through mentoring and other initiatives, including our signature "Comeback Kids" Mentoring Program and our newest, most ambitious project, the "Winning Teams" Mentoring Program.

What is Winning Teams?

The Winning Teams Mentoring Program is a unique, cutting edge program that combines individual/one-on-one mentoring with a group mentoring concept. This program, which has been featured on the front page of the Baltimore Sun, on popular Radio Station 92Q'S "Big, Phat, Morning Show, on Baltimore City Television Stations Fox-45 and WMAR Channel 2, & numerous other media outlets has achieved a great deal of success in its 1st three years.

The Winning Teams program is designed to meet 3 Primary Objectives:

  1. Improving the chances for Inner-City youth to attend college thru our Pathway to College" initiatives by:
    a) Increasing the student's desire to someday attend college
    b) Increasing the likelihood that the students will someday attend college
  2. Improving the student's choices and decision making skills
  3. Improving the student's communications skills

Designed and based on the unique "Winning Teams Model" the program consists of individuals in four distinct categories:

Category 1: Middle School students (who will be mentored by High School Students)
Category 2: High School students (who will serve as Mentors to the Middle School Students and be mentored by College Students)
Category 3: College students (who will serve as Mentors to the High School Students and be mentored by our Adult Mentors)
Category 4: Adult Professionals who will be Mentors to the College Students and help manage & run the program

In its first 3 years the Winning Teams Program have recruited Baltimore City Middle School & High School students who have participated in the program, with the number of kids involved growing each year. We are very proud of our students who have gone through the program, graduated high school, and are now enrolled in college. We are looking forward to this year's high school seniors who will be completing the program this year and moving on to college.

Take Back The City, Inc., is a non-profit, 501©(3) organization.

For more information about T.B.T.C. and the Winning teams Mentoring Program call (410) 961-2485.

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by Lynnette D. from MD (Administrator for this Organization) (2008-12-29 10:24:32.0)
Our inner city kids need to have a positive outlet where there is an opportunity for them to express themselves both verbally and creatively, this program allows them to do both. We expose our kids to cultural events, food, travel, and our kids look forward to our annual college tour taking place during spring break.