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Mission Statement

Our Little Haven is relentlessly committed to providing a safe, secure and healing environment for children suffering from the tragedy of abuse and neglect.

Our dedicated and compassionate community of caregivers makes the hurting stop, the healing begin and the love last, one child at a time.


Our Little Haven serves the youngest victims of abuse and neglect through a suite of programs all designed to offer and facilitate early intervention. Offering both physical and mental health treatment to abused and neglected children during their formative years (ages birth through nine), coupled with treatment services for the entire client family. Our Little Haven and numerous studies show us that by treating the victim of abuse at the earliest age possible, during the formative years, allows for treatment that is life long, better for the child, better for the family, better for the community and uses less resources. Similar to a building, our lives are based on the need for a strong foundation. If our building's foundation is weak there will be a catastrophic event - nobody knows when, but there will be a problem endangering those in and around the building. Similarly, if our life is based on a weak foundation, there will be a catastrophic event harming those in and around the devastated person while creating a life-long dependency on the already saturated welfare system. It becomes clear that we can "fix" the problem while the foundation is still being built (during the formative years) or we can wait until the building is done and then try to repair the foundation using precious resources to move and restore the damaged building. Our Little Haven has the ability and willingness to fix the problem early alleviating the potential of an unfulfilled life.

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by mary e j. from Berkeley, MO (2009-05-25 10:59:20.0)
Because every child deserves to be taken care of and loved. It really does take a village to raise a child. By giving of oneself you help to improve the life of another person. Little people are the future of the world,the nation,and the communities they will someday build. If any one can help them the adults should whether related or not.