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Mission Statement

Through the art of oral storytelling, Spellbinders enhances literacy, encourages character development, and builds intergenerational community.


Spellbinders is dedicated to restoring the art of oral storytelling to connect elders to youth, weaving together the wisdom of diverse cultures throughout time.


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Would you recommend Spellbinders?

by Kathryn D. (2018-02-19 12:25:09.0)
The people are welcoming and friendly. The students are excited.
by Linda N. from HIghlands Ranch, CO (2014-03-31 17:07:21.0)
I absolutely love telling stories to children where I can instill enjoyment of story and reading, give information in a memorable way, and stimulate the imagination ~ what an aid to literacy! Also by my mere presence I say that they matter! When I enter a classroom, what a joy! The excitement is evident by the loud whispers “Our storyteller is here! Our storyteller is here!” from the older ones, and the hugs and squeals from the little ones.
by Laurie K. (2014-03-27 11:41:35.0)
Volunteering to be a storyteller in a classroom of eager, appreciative kids is absolutely the best! It is so rewarding and so fun. Spellbinders is a wonderful organization that surrounds you with great people and great support. The training is excellent and there is ongoing support through regular educational, social, and informational workshop.
by Kimberely W. (2014-03-25 14:19:48.0)
This is a wonderful opportunity to contribute to improved literacy in our schools. The other volunteers are supportive, imaginative and delightful. The training was outstanding and made me feel confident I could be a good storyteller. The children are amazing - their attention span and enthusiasm making it easy. The teachers make you feel like you are giving them a gift when really their sharing of their classroom is the treasure