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Mission Statement

We are organized to connect individuals to the resources that can change their lives. By connecting individuals to training programs and post-secondary options in high demand within the workforce, and by teaching financial literacy, emotional intelligence, and career options before individuals enter the workforce, we are effectively changing the socio-economic landscape of the United States, one person at a time. In short, we look to create a smooth pipeline from 12 th grade to the workforce, while giving individuals the skills to live successful, fulfilling lives in the future. We believe in equal access to life's basic needs for every individual, and the changing workforce has provided us with a unique opportunity to change generational poverty in the US and create a brighter tomorrow for our communities.


Our innovative approach to community empowerment targets specific needs in: financial literacy, emotional intelligence, educational options in high demand fields, and connects less advantaged individuals to needed resources; creating a brighter tomorrow for those that seek to improve their lives and the lives of their families.

Through extensive research (utilizing the data and studies of federal and state government, as well as private firms and non-profits), demographic analysis (and the input of hundreds of state educators, volunteers, and program participants), as well as, utilizing an innovative approach to the program development, we will bridge the information gap between individuals and groups that require assistance and necessary resources.

Our active delivery method brings resources directly to individuals in need through community outreach in schools, libraries, community centers, workforce offices, after school programs, and other public forums.



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by Stephen D. from Maricopa, AZ (Administrator for this Organization) (2008-11-14 16:59:14.0)
Can you think of a cause with more wide-scale impact than eradicating generational poverty? I would urge you to check out their website and see if there is anything you can do. They operate on a shoestring budget so volunteers are greatly appreciated. They are always looking for help with outreach, getting corporate sponsors, and accounting. Their website is ffabt.org, it is a great cause, please get involved.