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Mission Statement

To enable people to take responsibility for the situation of the deprived child, especially Indian, and so motivate them to confront the situation through collective action thereby giving the child and themselves an opportunity to realise their full potential.


At CRY America, we believe in creating peoples' movements to make a lasting difference to underprivileged children. We believe that each of us, as individuals and organizations, can contribute. All it takes is the belief that "Change is possible, because I'll make it possible". CRY America's strength therefore lies in its supporters the volunteers, donors and partners who have come together to change the situation of the underprivileged child.

CRY America's development philosophy is based on a holistic focus on child rights. It's based on the belief that the delivery of these rights is inextricably linked to the situation of the child's immediate family and community they are a part of. So, to take a simplistic example, if a child needs to be able to go to school, his parents need to be able to afford to not let him work. Thus a child's ability to be educated is directly linked to the livelihood issue of his family and his community. We believe that change brought about in this manner is more sustainable and meaningful to childrens lives.

CRY America supports organizations and initiatives that (a) seek to mobilize communities at the grassroots level, so that they are able to solve their problems themselves (b) work with State institutions to effect policy reform and implementation (c) seek to support and enhance the capacity and quality of grass roots initiatives.

We also believe in the power of collective action. Experience has shown us that when ordinary people - people like you and me - join hands, there is no problem we can't overcome, no task that is too difficult. Working together we can achieve what mighty governments cannot.

We ensure transparency, complete legal compliance and financial probity, reporting on the source and use of every dollar we receive and disburse. We report all revenues and expenses fully, not just as net incomes or broad revenue heads. If this entails seeking professional assistance in setting up and implementing rigorous financial systems, we do it. While every effort is made to keep these costs as low as possible, there are no compromises made in the interests of economy or expediency.



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