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Mission Statement

Building A Better Belize For The Next Generation. Corozal Pride Foundation is a NEW non- profit organization that works with the country of Belize, where we are engaged in sourcing and allocation of medical equipment for the country. Our goals are to help provide a better medical care, in the country of Belize. It would be great to have the latest and more reliable medical items, however, not all the hospitals in Belize can afford the latest in medical technology, and this is where Corozal Pride comes in. What seemed as out dated or obsolete medical equipment in our developed nation may prove to be of great use to the country of Belize. Corozal Pride main vision is to help the north region of the country by providing a well needed operating room, a cancer and a dialysis center.


Being a new non profit your assistance and input is very important to us. We are looking for help in all directions.

1. website and SEO

2 marketing

3 granting

4 event organizer

5 spoke person campaign leader

6 social media exposure

7 fund raising and crowdfunding

Please accept our Honorary Membership with us. We are hoping this is not a onetime deal,
but a membership with us for life. As much I we depend on your contributions, we are also
extending our friendship someone that can help us with ideas suggestions and inputs.
Someone we can show cast on our website as a contributor to our cause.

Actual item donations and financial implications

Item Estimated Cost($) Extended cost for the year($)
Operating room basics equipment’s $5000 $60,000
Surgical equipment’s $6000 $72,000
Dialysis equipment $20,000 $20,000
Cancer equipment’s $80000 $80,000
Ultrasound machines $20,000 $20,000
Total $252,000

Corozal Pride Foundation is a 360 degree nonprofi, by this we mean we are a humanitarian corporation. We are fucos on education, community development and medical needs for the country of Belize, we also work closly with other NGO's to help them raise funds for their cause...



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