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Mission Statement

The Town of Dewey‐Humboldt was created in 2004 to preserve the low- density lifestyle that area residents came to enjoy, and were fearful of losing. People live in Dewey‐Humboldt because they like a slower pace, more elbow room, and a more rural character. They like the freedom to be themselves, to respect and be respected regardless of their role in the community. They like the view of the mountains and want to know the skies will be clear, the water clean, and the air fresh. Keeping these attributes will make Dewey-Humboldt a jewel in the quad-cities. Growth projections for the State Route 69 corridor indicate significant pressure to develop over the next few years. Therefore, the council's vision for Dewey-Humboldt is that it maintain its uniqueness to be the "crown jewel" in the predicted megalopis that will stretch from Prescott to Nogales.

We know and expect that...

  1. Our population will grow in conformance with the General Plan. People will be attracted by our low-density residential community and small‐town lifestyle.
  2. Some commercial enterprises will be needed to help support the Town's population, but the locations of those businesses should be focused and concentrated.
  3. Non-industrial type home‐based businesses will be part of the future growth.
  4. Some property owners will want to maximize the value of their land and make it available for development.
  5. Water supply will be a limiting factor in our growth and development. We need to emphasize water conservation and reuse.
  6. With increased growth, transportation and circulation needs to be well planned.

No one can stop change from coming and not all change is bad. Therefore, we, the Town Council, will focus any changes we're asked to support on meeting the following fundamental criteria. We promote...

  1. Broad, inclusive and effective involvement by residents in all planning activities.
  2. Development that will foster the look and feel of openness and protect the viewscape.
  3. Codes, laws, standards and regulations that balance the rights of the individual and low-density residential living with the rights of the collective population.
  4. Protection and non-destructive use of our natural resources including the surrounding mountains and hills, natural open space, public lands, rivers, and streams.
  5. A balanced, cost-effective outlook to maintain a healthy environment and future development.
  6. Public safety and the quiet enjoyment of this wonderful place by all that live or visit here.


  • Active Citizenship - each Dewey-Humboldt citizen has the right and responsibility to participate in the governance of the Town.
  • Sustainable Development - the land regulated by the Town should be developed such that it remains at least as valuable in future generations as it is today, ceteris paribus, with no additional external resources.
  • Creating Community - Town activities should tend to create mutual respect and understanding between citizens; shared resources like air, the river, the mountains, and the feeling of openness should be preserved by governance, public investment, and celebration.
  • Self-Reliance - whenever civil, each person should earn the benefits and bear the burdens of his or her own actions.
  • Efficient Public Services - the few services of the Town should be delivered as efficiently and fairly as possible, with strong fiscal discipline.
  • Limited Public Services - the Town should only deliver those public services that cannot be efficiently provided by the private sector.
  • Durable Public Improvements - the Town should deliver public services with the understanding that the Town will live for as long as the State of Arizona exists.



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