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Mission Statement

The objective of MOER is to encourage and foster the ideas of service as a basis of worthy enterprise and, in particular to encourage and foster:
The advancement of International service understanding, charity, and peace through a world fellowship of business and professional persons united in the ideal of service.

Our first step is to identify and develop a network (both local and national) to structure an in-depth understanding into the minds and subsequent behaviors of youth. To challenge current assumptions as regards to gender performance as a means to develop effective and meaningful (to affective youth), as well as teaching and learning methods, including conduct and oral/visual presentation.

Our youth will define our national behavior and culture - indeed, our relations with others. Current events, both national and international suggest a less than balanced approach to relationship building. What future has our children and grandchildren? Our task is not only to turn away from a fear-based culture, moreover to re-construct a community that struggles to build young people of good character- all young people.


This self awareness is as defined in the context generational awareness and re-evaluation of self as an extension of community growth. The self defined aware young person will be shown that success is achieved through a cooperative community effort and failure is found in selfish actions. The MOER Foundation wishes to contribute to the resolution of this national delimea as a facilitator of constructive change through the re-construction of the change agent- the young people.




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Would you recommend MOER Foundation, Inc.?

by Elizabeth W. from Marietta, GA (2014-01-22 19:17:50.0)
I have been a volunteer with the M.O.E.R. Foundation, Inc. since 2012. What I love about this organization are the program offerings of the foundation. The many programs, just to name a few, such as Domestic Violence, Child Obesity, National Sponsor A Mind, Coat and Toy Drives under the Sisters Circle, have helped so many people. The volunteers that work with this organization are sincere and passionate about what they do. This organization has helped plant trees in Morocco; given school supplies to children here in the USA and abroad. They are all about helping everyone, especially the children, all around the world.
by Tanita C. (2012-05-10 13:55:20.0)
I have not volunteered as of yet but will be doing so. The Moer foundation is an excellent way of helping those who are in need of finding their way in this world, whether it be spiritual or educational. Along with the Sister Circle in which this organization is about helping in empowering women and teach women how to do things the right way along with teaching us how to have respect for self which is a main goal that should be met for all women today who do not know the true meaning of self respect and how to obtain it.
by Zaria D. from Charlotte, NC (2008-11-07 13:38:39.0)
The Moer Foundation allowed me the opportunity to voluteer on the weekends. I am currently a student and am always looking for that chance to give back to communities in need. Thank you Janet Harrison age:19