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Mission Statement

Artist Organized Art is a charitable organization enriching the lives of artists, organizers and the public through artist organized media, events and cultural education. Available to millions of digital media households, Artist Organized Art brings a trusted resource to local communities across a multicultural and diverse society.


Supports artist organized media, events and cultural education for artists, organizers and the public:


Artist Organized Art, Inc. was formed exclusively for literary, educational and charitable purposes. Specifically, Artist Organized Art, Inc. operates under the premise that when artists themselves organize the community of art practice new and relevant advances in art history occur.

Founded in 2003 by Joshua Selman (Yale, former Executive Director of The International Artists Museum, New York Center, Inc.) and rooted in the legacy of major self organizing communities of artists such as the Impressionists, Surrealists, Dada, Expressionists, Fluxus, The International Artists Museum and others, Artist Organized Art, Inc. will help thousands of artists voice their contributions to the fields of art history and art criticism while supporting them as artist-organizers working independently of museums and galleries.

Whereas currently the art world is dominated by an art market which requires a great deal of sophistication on the part of the wider community, through the open access attributes of Artist Organized Art, Inc. many artists can engage their wider communities of artists and the general public on a literary, educational and cultural level directly and without intermediaries of dealer, museum curator and art historian. The result is the growing acceptance of artist organized art as a vital and critically important category of art practice and cultural exchange.

Currently Artist Organized Art, Inc. operates a website at http://artistorganizedart.org. The site was chosen as number one of the top ten picks in internationally acclaimed art magazine, Artforum, in September of 2007.

An important statistic regarding the traffic reaching the Artist Organized Art website is that periodically roughly 20% of the unique visits come from .edu or educational institutions. Among these include Bard College, Harvard University, Pratt Institute and Stanford University. This indicates a critical vacuum in the area of artist organized art practice and that Artist Organized Art, Inc. is indeed tapping into and filling a void at a major educational and cultural nexus.

Going forward, as a charitable organization Artist Organized Art, Inc. will solicit donations from a wide array of sources to raise funds to support artist organized art practice directly and other artist run organizations. Where qualified by its mission and exempt purposes Artist Organized Art, Inc. will also support other types of art practice and organizations. As of August, 29 2008, Artist Organized Art, Inc. officially offers its donors the full benefit of 501(c)(3) tax exempt status.



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