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Mission Statement

To "Rebuild and Restore" the disenfranchised population of our cities. We will implement educational programs and services (Real Estate, Credit and Financial Counseling/Planning and The Arts) for youth, adults and families. Through the application of Godly principles, Kingdom Living, Inc. will produce a sense of Worth, Leadership, Security, Unity, Community Values and Economical Development. Collectively, these principals will stimulate the conscious of the populace and help rebuild and restore communities deemed desolate.



REAL ESTATE: The process of buying a home can be quite intimidating. Beyond traditional real estate services, we will walk through the entire process with our clients. Making certain our clients understand every step involved by providing them with the educational information needed to remove the fear and anxiety associated with the home buying process.

CREDIT RESTORATION: Many potential Homebuyers are not able to purchase a home due to credit/debt issues. We at KLI will address these issues in order to resolve delinquent debts and place clients in position to obtain homeownership.

FINANCIAL PLANNING SERVICES: We believe home ownership can be a first step towards financial independence. Therefore, we will provide our clients with a variety of services to include the following: Real Estate Education, Budgeting and Savings Planning, Home Equity, Investing and Retirement Counseling and Planning, etc.

YOUTH PROGRAMS: We believe it is necessary to provide our youth with every advantage possible for success. Thus, we will offer our young people education in various areas (Entrepreneurship, Real Estate, Credit, Finance, etc.). In addition, Kingdom Living, Inc. (KLI) will also participate in the following activities designed especially for our youth:

  • School Visitation Program (seminars about goals, employment and entrepreneurship)
  • Youth Business Entrepreneurial Alliance, The Arts (music, theater, dance), Summer Camps, After School Programs and other subjects and activities that will have a positive impact on their lives.

Our goal is to provide education and invention services for youth at risk and to assist those already in or facing a potential crisis (criminal, high school drop-outs, substance abuse, teenage parents, etc.).

SUPPLEMENTAL SERVICES: As it is our vision to "Rebuild and Restore", we will continuously expand our services and areas of operation. This will include the following programs:

  • Purchasing Networking to provide individuals/families substantial saving on items for their home, automobile, healthcare and more.
  • Alternative Housing (Transitional, Seniors, Teenage Mother, Homeless)
  • Centers for Educational/Recreational Activities
  • Entrepreneurial Classes for children and adults
  • Transportation (to provide program participants with mobility services)
  • Home Improvement Services and classes
  • Kingdom Lifestyle Publications
  • Specializing in HOMEOWNERS Emergency Assistance (foreclosure, turn-off notices, etc.)

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