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Mission Statement

Where Are You? Caching Our World's mission is to answer that question and many more by introducing children to the multi- faceted world of geography. Our philosophy is simple: Geography is everywhere. Our organization believes geography is the study of the interplay between man and his environment. The study of geography is a lot like looking in a kaleidoscope. The world a child
perceives results from the study of the world through the many pieces that form the discipline of geography. When viewed through a geographical kaleidoscope, every village, town and city tells a unique story of the people and their relationship with the earth's landscape. Our organization is founded exclusively to promote, educate and celebrate the world of geography.


Caching Our World partners with universities, local businesses and historical socities to promote geography education. Only 17% percent of our children own and atlases and more alarming is their lack of understanding of other world cultures. This puts them at a great disadavantage when competing in a global environment.

We develop teacher training and student activities. Every year we celebrate National Geography Awareness week with a three day event where children come to Miami University and discover a new part of the world. Partners like Jungle Jimes and Wiley Publishing help make the experience complete

Our number one goal is to raise enough funds to develop a mobile geography lab where geographic lesson plans can be loaded onto laptops and delivered to the schools for the teachers to use. Our second goal is to develop a Google Earth protal where children can log on to our web site and can ask geography related questions about an area's history, economics, phyical environments and art. The globe would then "fly" them to that area the asked about so the students then begin to gain a spatial perspective.



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