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Mission Statement

We seek to utilize an Article V Convention to bypass Congress and add the following amendment to the Constitution: "No person shall be elected or appointed as a member of the United States Congress if the duration of the term for which the person is elected or appointed, inits entirety as defined within Article 1 of the United States Constitution,would result in the person serving more than 12 years of his or her life in the United States Congress. Upon ratification of this amendment, a current member of the United States Congress, whose total number of years in the United States Congress exceeds 12, shall be allowed to complete the existing term for which he or she has been previously elected. Said allowance for completion of the existing term shall not justify exclusion for the member from actions beyond the scope of this Amendment that lead to termination from the United States Congress prior to the completion of the existing term."


Everyone at Term Limits for US Congress PAC, from the National Director to the Petitioners and everyone in between are ALL unpaid Volunteers. We believe in it so much we are putting our own time, talents, and money into doing what we believe is right for America, at least the one we used to know. We want our youth to know the America we used to know as well. That "We the People..." means US, not Congress. We, the 50 States, are all individual Grassroots Organizations, with a National Organization oversight, Term Limits For US Congress. "We, The People" who are involved bear most of the associated costs, because we believe in what we are doing! We do not have a deep pocketed organization backing us. We are simply average Americans trying to do something to benefit ALL Americans.



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