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Mission Statement

Student Solutions, Inc provides standards-driven educational publications for students, teachers, and families. The organization seeks to creatively supplement the school curriculum, equip educators with quality instructional resources and provide site-based support that will increase student achievement. Student Solutions, Inc is an agency organized and operated exclusively for the purpose of providing literary and educational resources and services to students and communities on a nondiscriminatory basis.


We create breakthrough educational test prep materials.

Our products are creative, kid-friendly, driven by state standards, but created for students. Our signature product is the Chicken Nugget Man series of educational publications that teach standards through story. Our mission is to provide children with a revolutionary educational book that uses the engaging power of fiction to reinforce math, language arts, science, and social studies skills. We are currently expanding this line of educational children's books to additional states and grade levels. For more information about this project is available at www.BeyondTestPrep.com



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Average Review 10 reviews

Would you recommend Student Solutions, Inc?

by rhett k. (2011-08-11 10:20:33.0)
My time at Student Solutions has been the most rewarding internship experience I have ever had. I'm so glad I took advantage of the opportunity to work with such a lucid, supportive, and innovative supervisor, who gives interns and volunteers a great deal of freedom and creativity with projects. The organization's flexibility allows volunteers to contribute in any way that they can and generally increase how much they are able to contribute, whether they are in the workplace or not. This lends to the laid-back and stress-free atmosphere of the workplace; that said, volunteers are never bored, but are constantly encouraged to contribute to a variety of fascinating and fun projects. The most satisfying part is feeling as though my work with Student Solutions is actually contributing to the education of students throughout the country.
by Priya B. from Raleigh, NC (2011-08-09 22:25:21.0)
I applied to this internship because I was frustrated from a fruitless job search and I wanted to do something meaningful with my summer. Although my interests do not lie directly in education, I was able to learn a LOT from this internship, so I recommend that if you want to gain some general skills that can be applied to almost any field (and look great on a resume) you should definitely consider this organization. It is not a competitive process at all. The application is very simple and if you are passionate about contributing to a great cause that is even remotely related to what you want to do, I am certain this experience will benefit you in some way. This organization loves its interns and treats them well; the atmosphere was very friendly, I was always given a variety of tasks and constantly asked if I was satisfied with what I was doing. I was also fed free snacks every day! :) Highly recommend giving it a try; it doesn't hurt to apply!
by phong v. from OR (2010-05-12 19:52:39.0)
Volunteered for Student Solutions Inc.,is a nice way to learned about educational industry and contributing to your communities....it was an awesome experiences. The work schedule is flexible and staffs is so nice and helpful.. You have more freedom to pick your own projects and work at your own pace. Corrine the manager was so great, she help me a lot and answer her email promptly. If you're looking for a great place to volunteer I would recommend Student Solutions. The work is fun, skills you will gain are teamwork, communication, and research. It's a perfect place to gain valuable experiences. You'll love to work here.
by Andrea J. from Raleigh, NC (2009-09-14 18:14:59.0)
After working for Student Solutions, Inc., I left feeling absolutely inspired! Student Solutions, Inc. is a startup educational literature publishing company that is trying to permanently establish itself within the community. They produce curriculum that is designed specifically for students; although a commonsensical notion, is something that has seldom been done before. I sincerely believe that Student Solutions, Inc. will ultimately tranform into a PUBLISHING POWERHOUSE, because there is real value in providing students with child-friendly EOG testing information. The staff is also delightful to work with, because their hopefulness and optimism about the company suceeding is infectious. If you want to work for a place that is on the verge of revolutionizing the education world, then it sounds like you have met your match!
by Meredith-Leigh P. from NC (2009-08-28 14:23:35.0)
As a college student, any opportunity to grow and learn is valuable, however working at Student-Solutions Inc., was especially rewarding because I was assigned to projects and tasks that were aligned with my skills and interests. I was immediately put to work and felt that I could make a contribution to the project. It was great to work with a non-profit organization that had a specific positive focus, to produce and sell a book that helps provide elementary students with a well rounded learning experience. I would highly recommend this organization to a friend, the work environment was exceptional and fun.