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The Ferret Inn

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Not givenColumbia, MD 21044 United States

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Mission Statement

The Ferret Inn is a 501 (c)(3) non-profit, no-kill shelter located in Columbia, MD in a residential home providing 24-hour care to the rescued ferrets. We realize the importance of and provide for the assessing, nurturing, and socializing of each ferret. We also provide education and counseling for the life of the ferret. As such, this allows us to be confident with each adoption, knowing that the new families are capable of providing a loving, permanent home.


The Ferret Inn has been providing shelter for ferrets since 1999. We have placed over 900 ferrets in the past nine years. The Ferret Inn prides itself on the level of medical care, nurturing, enrichment, and the ability to place the right ferret with the right owner.

Nancy Wilson, the Director of The Ferret Inn, has worked tirelessly to give these homeless ferrets a voice. When she first began the shelter in 1999 she was one person running the shelter by herself with no volunteers, no donations, and a large number of ferrets that were in need of immediate medical attention. Working on as little as three hours of sleep some nights, Nancy made it through that first year with the support of her wonderful husband, Tom. Now Nancy has a staff of dedicated volunteers. Through her tireless efforts Nancy has saved the lives of countless ferrets, proving the point that one person CAN make a difference!


Would you recommend The Ferret Inn?
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by Jayde M. from Columbia, MD (August 3, 2009)
I would recommend spending time here because, first off, Nancy (the director) knows everything there is to know about ferrets. She's so knowledgeable and gets to know every single one of her ferrets on a personal level. Even though it's a lot of hard work, the rewards are numerous. You learn about ferrets, you get to play with them and build relationships with them, and you definitely build your work ethic. Overall, I would say the good outweighs the bad tremendously. The only downside is that ferrets poop... A LOT. And sometimes you wonder how that much poop can come out of these small creatures. This is a fantastic way to make your summer more memorable and to make some new friends that share a common interest with you. I came in with no knowledge of ferrets and after this experience I could tell you quite a few interesting things about ferrets. Nancy and the people who make up her devoted team really make The Ferret Inn the best ferret shelter you could imagine
by Brenda H. (May 12, 2009)
Awesome shelter.....wonderful director.....lots of needy ferrets that are cared for in an efficient and professional way! -- I live in Ohio with my 2 ferrets, Flower and Rose. I have been temporarily working in Maryland since March. I was missing my girls so much that I decided to do a google search and find a shelter that I could volunteer with. I met the founder, Nancy, when I went to visit the Ferret Inn.....wow, was I impressed! The cleaniness and the efficient, organized way the ferts are cared for is amazing! I was also saddened to find out how many ferrets are in need of homes! I've had fun working the pet store and pet expo and getting to play with the little fuzzies is a plus! I'm going to be sad to go back to Ohio although I know my lil girls are waiting for me!
by Judy W. from Pasadena, MD (May 11, 2009)
We are the proud parents of many many little fuzzies that our daught Melissa adopted through the ferret inn. First let me tell you that the support that Nancy offers her adoptive parents is exceptional. Whenever we have an issue she is the first person we call. Her experience and passion is exceptional. My daughter has been volunteering there for at least 5 years and she has grown into a very knowledgeable and caring young woman. What Nancy has taught her you could not get at a university. If you are considering getting a ferret a visit to the Ferrett Inn will be worth the drive, not only will you possibly getting an adorable little fuzzy, you also get an unbelievable network of caring people that will help you adjust. Highly recommended!
by Darlene T. (May 11, 2009)
I first started volunteering at this ferret shelter 1-2 years ago and I was impressed with the setup. Nancy and her staff of volunteers have set up a great enrichment area for the ferrets. They are truly lucky to reside there while they wait for their forever homes. I also credit Nancy with saving the life of my oldest ferret when I was out of town last month. If it weren't for her tireless act of care, I don't know if my ferret would be with us today. If you have ferrets of your own or are interested in ferrets, this is the place to come and volunteer - you definitely will learn something.
by Cheryl U. (May 11, 2009)
I've been volunteering at the Ferret Inn for over a year now. Nancy has an awesome facility that allows all the ferrets to get out and play at least once a day. There is no euthanization done at this shelter; all the ferrets get to live a happy, enriched, long life (if God permits). She knows every ferret at her facility and is responsible for the medication and care and adoption for all taking refuge at her shelter. It is a VERY hard and long job to run a shelter day in and day out that holds approximately 70 ferrets on average. Most of the volunteers here go above and beyond with their help and they love doing it. Nancy is the reason for such dedication.
by Laurel C. from MD (May 11, 2009)
The Ferret Inn has proven to be a wonderful life experience for me. Since I started volunteering there in Dec. 2008, Nancy (the director) has become both a friend and a source of inspiration. Her dedication to the well-being of the ferrets in the shelter and to the education of potential and current owners of ferrets is very admirable. She makes sure all the ferrets get play-time outside of their cages. Nancy has always greeted me with a caring interest in my own well-being. She is always patient, understanding and clear when it comes to answering questions I have regarding any aspect of the shelter, the work I may be doing that day or the care of ferrets. Many days there are a variety of projects to do beyond the routine medicating, feeding and cleaning of ferrets, their enclosures and play pens. Nancy's devotion to her work is always obvious, never seeming to take a break for herself, and always working at least as hard as her volunteers. I strongly recommend this experience.
by Jessica W. from Columbia, MD (May 11, 2009)
I found The Ferret Inn when I was looking for somewhere to board my ferrets. I was very new to ferrets at the time, and the shelter director, Nancy, was very helpful in providing tips and answering questions of every variety (food, cages, toys, vets, etc). As I found myself with more free time, I decided to volunteer. I have been staffing adoption days a couple of days a month for about six months now, and I can honestly say that I feel that I have made a difference by helping to find homes for some amazing ferrets, but also by educating the public about ferrets and their care. Also, there are all kinds of opportunities for people with different skillsets or knowledge - cleaning the shelter, doing adoption days, working on the website, socializing the ferrets, creating brochures and educational materials, organizing fundraisers, and so on. No matter how you decide to help, the ferrets will get what they need, and you'll probably learn something - everybody wins!!
by Melissa W. (May 11, 2009)
The Ferret Inn is by far the most organized and productive shelter I have ever volunteered at. Not only does the director Nancy give homes to ferrets that need it most, she also takes the time to educate and inform possible adopters. Having adopted all of my ferrets from her, I can honestly say that I would not know even a quarter of what I know about ferrets without her continued patience and instruction on what these little fuzzies need. Anyone who is thinking of adopting or volunteering this is defiantly an amazing choice : )
by Liz C. (May 11, 2009)
The Ferret Inn, is by far the nicest ferret shelter I have ever visited or volunteered for. I have owned ferrets for 10 years and have never seen an organization run a smoothly and with as much love as the Ferret Inn. Nancy is the most selfless director and has dedicated her life to these fuzzy little guys. She is very good at giving advice about ferret care and health as well as matching the right ferret to new perspective owners. I highly recommend this shelter when looking for a ferret to adopt or as a place to volunteer your time. It is well worth it... I was hooked after just one visit!
by Allison C. (May 2, 2009)
The Ferret Inn is one of the most, if not the most, wonderful ferret shelters around. From daily shelter upkeep, to playtime given to the ferrets, to medical care, The Ferret Inn is the ideal shelter for any ferret to call a temporary, and sometimes longterm, home. Nancy Wilson, the Director of The Ferret Inn, never ceases to amaze us with her compassion, hardwork, and dedication day in and day out. After 10 years of running a shelter, she is a wealth of knowledge about all ferret issues ranging from daily care to vet/medical care. She has enriched my overall knowledge of ferrets beyond any book or website. I would truly recommend The Ferret Inn to prospective adoptees and volunteers.
by Crystal H. (Administrator for this Organization) (December 11, 2008)
I originally went to The Ferret Inn to adopt a ferret. Nancy (the director) had such a love for ferrets, and such a wonderful shelter, that I began to volunteer for her. Now, years later, I am still volunteering and still loving it. This is by far the best ferret shelter in Maryland. It's probably one of the best ferret shelters in operation! There are a lot of ways to help out - not just cleaning cages. We do monthly adoption days at pet stores and can always use extra help at the end of the year with Petsmart's photos with Santa Claws or by working on The Giving Tree. We also could use help year round with maintaining our photos on various adoption databases.

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