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Mission Statement

Our mission includes education, outreach, and political and legal action to protect citizens' rights to walk and drive their streets and congregate in public areas without a constant assault of advertising messages. We welcome all forms of support--money, volunteer time, letter-writing--to help us in this fight. The visual landscape of the city belongs to everyone, not just the advertising companies who want to use it as a canvas for their commercial messages. Please help us protect and defend it.


The Coalition to Ban Billboard Blight is a non-profit 501(c)(4) organization representing groups and individuals committed to defending the urban landscape of Los Angeles against billboards and other forms of outdoor advertising that blight our public space



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by Barabara B. from Los Angeles, CA (2008-10-04 17:20:05.0)
Although a fairly new organization, CBBB is leading the fight against runaway billboards and related visual blight in Los Angeles. The CBBB website contains great info on how to get involved by writing to the various government bodies considering regulation of signage in the City. For too long, the outdoor advertising industry has been free to ignore City regulations with little punative action taken by the City. The few regs that the City has are going largely unenforced by the City Attorney. And, whenever action is taken by the City, the industry sues. My neighbors and I are sick and tired of illegally erected signs, of lights blaring into our windows from signs, of our community plan restrictions being ignored. CBBB is helping to lead the fight against these abuses. Hopefully, Angelenos from ACROSS THE ENTIRE CITY will join together on this. CBBB is the place where we can come together to protect driver safety, scenic resources and our neighborhoods.