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Mission Statement

ALERT Mission and Vision Equipping Men to Serve Nations Before the return of Christ to earth, Scripture tells us that perilous times will come (II Tim. 3:1). We are in those times and ready to meet urgent needs as many face stressful circumstances. ALERT is designed to equip and empower young men to dynamically serve God through the urgent needs of others. It is our desire to train and raise up godly men to answer the call for service no matter how difficult that call may be. We are preparing men with the character, skills, and opportunities to meet the needs of people in crisis, to share their faith and the love of Christ in dark places, and to disciple nations. As he seeks to see his life count for the kingdom of God, the ALERT Responder needs to be totally committed to dying to self and following Christ's commands on a daily basis. Competitors for our affections and attentions must be abandoned. Entanglements and besetting sins must be set aside. We must be ready at all times to respond to crises in a timely manner, with a grateful spirit, and with the discipline to effectively accomplish the Lord's task whenever He gives the call. This commitment to godly living extends to training, deployments, and home. The leaders who emerge in the next generation will be those with proven character, resolute courage and vision, and unwavering convictions. ALERT desires to help men, through the power of God, to achieve these attributes, find purpose in life, and to hold a standard against the tide of evil. A few committed believers turned the world upside down in the first century. There is a need for that same dynamic in the challenges of today. The ALERT Responder becomes part of a team of committed men who are dedicated to the Lord and to the ALERT mission and vision. The ALERT Responder, by choice and by the Lord's grace, will have the foundation to continue the discipline of a godly life wherever the Lord may call him to serve. We do not know God's ultimate plan for the individual nations and people, but we do need men to be strong in the Lord (Eph. 6:10) and to be ready to serve.


The Air Land Emergency Resource Team (ALERT) is a unique, disciplined training program for Christian young men utilizing Disaster Relief and Emergency Services as a vehicle to encourage these youth toward a life of service and giving. www.alertacademy.com



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