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Mission Statement

AYNI was founded on the idea of reciprocity, and having a sense of responsibility for each other. The concept or philosophy is based on the idea that everyone needs help at some point in their lives. Some days you will help, and other days you are the one who will be helped. Society in fact, as Margie always tells her students "cannot progress unless we are helping each other". AYNI focuses its initiatives in two major areas, Sustainable Development and Education. The organization works together with the community of Alto de los More to alleviate or address some of the major barriers of living in extreme poverty. Our role is multifaceted and continues unfold and grow within the community.


AYNI has existed on a shoestring budget since 2001. We have made miracles from pennies, and we get paid in smiles. AYNI has opened the doors to the community of Alto de Los Mores to more than 350 volunteers from around the world.

What started out as an individual attempt at impacting positive change in one part of the planet, quickly turned into a grassroots group of dedicated volunteers from around the Globe.

AYNI focuses on Development and Education, with the main goal of empowering children and their families by providing avenues by which they can improve their quality of life. In order to remove or alleviate some of the obstacles that people living in extreme poverty face, AYNI runs a variety of Education and Development programs.

In short, AYNI attempts to enrich the child's childhood and educational experience by providing opportunities to learn, play, and have fun. AYNI teaches ESL offers sports and recreational programs, run library programs, and ultimately develop lasting relationships with the children. Volunteers are like camp counsellors for the economically impoverished child. This interaction is mutually beneficial, and the children's smiles are absolutely contagious. Volunteers and children alike find it very rewarding



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