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Mission Statement

Many organizations and individuals that conduct educational research operate with a fundamental mistrust for educators. Mistrust leads to exclusion of educators from corporate leadership teams, and reveals their core beliefs: that experts know better than educators. From this mistrust, organizations engage in predatory research practices that exploit the good will of schools so that a small number of individuals can benefit from profit and self-promotion. We built RSR to expose and fix predatory research practices through a fundamental trust for educators. We advocate for educators and for organizations that value research insights that can strengthen rather than weaken public education. Empowering the existing expertise of educators is our motto, and it drives our mission: to advocate for those who demand top-quality educational programs and services. We enact our mission through the development of programs and services that are backed by responsibly conducted research.


We're a startup nonprofit in its early phases of program and service development. We're led by Dr. Scott Methe, an applied educational psychologist with over 10 years of research and teaching experience in the applied educational learning sciences. Dr. Methe and his team are working to build a viable organizational structure that works efficiently and effectively to support public schooling and home schooling.

At RSR, we teach organizations how to conduct and use educational research that is teacher-informed rather than teacher-exclusive. We offer workshops on responsible research practices to schools, corporations, entrepreneurs, and universities, but we also develop and sponsor programs and services that exemplify responsible research practices.

We use the motto "empowering existing expertise" because we believe that schools are filled with experts, and that innovative organizations must draw from this expertise through trusting partnerships and transparent methods. Our work exemplifies this ethic.

Our ultimate beneficiaries are children and adolescents attending public schools, public charter schools, or home schools. As such, our programs and services are geared toward topics like literacy, early literacy, numeracy, and social-emotional well-being.

Our programs and services are designed to meet the needs of various educators and healthcare professionals in schools such as general and special education teachers as well as school psychologists, counselors, parents, pre-service teachers, and teacher assistants.



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