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Mission Statement

In obedience to God, as a Christ-centered body of believers, we commit to discipleship, enable and encourage one another to love, worship, and serve our Savior, Jesus Christ. Furthermore, we commit to share the Good News and ourselves with our neighbors in No Division Christian Assembly, in the surrounding communities, and throughout the world.


The purpose is to provide the community with a church, g iving them a sense of belonging, of being involved with other believers; giving a sense of spiritual safety, so that they are not blown around by strange ideas; to provide the community with friendship, fellowship and encouragement; to teach things the community would never learn on its own; to help train the children and their families, help them work together for a more effective ministry and give them opportunities to serve that will help them grow in ways they did not expect. The activity is preaching and teaching the word of God, fellowshipping, evangelism, praying, helping, providing goods and services to Individuals and organizations, consoling, training, mentoring, The Senior Pastor conducts the activity. Most of the activities are during Sunday services and mid week bible classes and other scheduled events, all occurring in Evergreen Park, Illinois. The activities further our exemption purposes by our involvement in playing a vital role in the economic and social well-being of our communities as we provide a means for people to contribute time, resources and expertise for a greater good of the community. Roughly 50% or more of my time is allocated to the activity of the church and is funded by gifts and contribution received. Kim Washington, aka Reverend Washington aka Reverend Kim, aka Pastor Washington.


PRESENT ANDPlanned Activities, No Division Christian will play a vital role in the Bio-psycho-social-religious and economic well-being of our communities and we will provide a means for people to contribute time, resources and expertise for a greater good: Providing Goods and services to Individuals as part of our activities, not limiting to what's listed below.

  • Regular non-traditional church services every Sunday (separate services for adults and children)
  • Sunday school every Sunday (adult and children's classes)
  • Mid week Bible class every Wednesday (adults and children's bible class)
  • Sacraments every first Sunday
  • 3 week new members class
  • Discipleship class
  • Training for new ministers
  • Evangelism efforts
  • Volunteer Community group tutoring services for school children
  • Forming different ministries in the church geared toward helping the community in all aspects of life i.e. woman's ministries, children's ministries (youth) men's ministry, benevolent ministry, single moms and single dad ministry, singles ministry etc.
  • Visiting the sick, shut in and bereaved (providing prayer, services and sacraments, but not limited to)
  • Visiting the Seniors Citizens home ( picking them up for church services, providing prayer, services and sacraments for those unable to come out, not limited to)
  • Providing community services :i.e. an unspecified amount of classes, workshops, seminars , self help groups, support group, workshops on various topics, exercise classes, healthy eating classes , child advocacy groups, having various speakers come out to provide information on various topics i.e. Diabetes, Heart Disease, Proper foot care, what happens to the body as we get old.
In-kind Contribution, the common good and general welfare of the people of the community, No Division Christian Assembly will issue: New/good quality used clothing, new toys, new/used furniture, new/used household supplies, gift certificates, Bibles and other items that are non-monetary i.e. food (store bought and providing hot meals) and toiletries, to those who are sick, homeless, poor, hungry, naked, elderly, low income, debilitated and incapacitated or just in need of help. Holiday:
During the holiday season No Division Christian Assembly will brighten the holiday of the community that are suffering, by providing food and fruit baskets and toys to families, youth and elderly who are without love from their family or of a family, to get them into the holiday spirit and show the true meaning of giving and love to those that so desperately need it.Back to school supplies: No Division Christian Assembly will supply, book bags, pencils, paper and crayons to our children in the community. Senior Recognition : We will recognize our seniors in the community members in a Seniors Day Event, providing lunch, entertainment and small non- monetary gifts bags, i.e. gift certificates or movie tickets and a Seniors Day participation certificate will be given. No Division will contribute to those families in the community in need of keeping their gas, electric and hot water on, who have small, sick or elderly in the household. No Division will minister to the homeless shelters by providing non-monetary goods and foods (appropriate for the particular shelter) necessary for their survival and to show THE LOVE OF GOD. No Division will provide goods and services to Children events and organization Nursing Homes , Senior Living (assisted living), homeless shelters and other organizations not listed (both male and female), services to be provided: Sacraments given to those who are not able to come out to Church services, food and other supplies mentioned in , we will coordinate health fairs ( blood pressures, cholesterol checks, blood sugar checks, mammogram and other services), assisting in the purchase of medical equipment needed as listed above. Having workshops/ classes on public safety and other concerns.

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by Yvonne W. (Administrator for this Organization) (2010-03-30 17:30:06.0)
The pastor is most compassionate person to meet. I have never met a pastor who cares so much about the members of the church. Strickly bible teaching and preaching, you will learn stuff you've never knew was in the bible. Most of all, the things that we have heard from other pastors, pastor washington brings out the truth- the truth about the bible is preached here in this church, every one is so kind and loving, family and friends day is wonderful, they serve food, they give away free, good clothes and food (can goods and other stuff) small church big love, real down to earth pastor, good for the kids too- the sermon on herpes was so informative, i never heard or knew of what herpes can do to the body long term, the kids got an ear full. you'll not going to find a church like this anywhere.