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Mission Statement

Summary of Civil Air Patrol's Mission and Objectives

Civil Air Patrol (CAP) is a professional group of trained volunteers as a Congressionally Charted non-profit auxiliary of the U.S. Air Force. Its primary missions are to develop its cadets, educate Americans on the importance of aviation and space, perform live-saving humanitarian missions, and support U.S.A.F. missions. . We are part of Home Land Security and are proud to serve in any way we can. There are currently over 57,000 member's nation wide.

Civil Air Patrol encourages youth to live the timeless Core Values of Integrity, Volunteer Service, Excellence, and Respect. CAP develops character in its cadets through formal values education and informal mentoring as ethical dilemmas arise in cadets' lives. Civil Air Patrol builds strong citizens for the future by providing leadership training, technical education, scholarships, and career education to young men and women.

By inspiring in our youth a love of aviation, CAP develops tomorrow's pilots, engineers, mechanics and aerospace enthusiasts. That affection for the airplane, and aerospace, helps fulfill the Wright brothers' century old dream of an air-minded citizenry.

The cadet program is designed to foster leadership and good citizenship in America's youth, using aerospace education, U.S. Air Force role models, and emphasis on public service. Cadets may participate in a variety of activities, earn rank and increased recognition in the program, and receive benefits for participation should they choose to enter military service. Most of all, it challenges them to learn and grow in ways they may not have had the opportunity to were it not for the program.

Civil Air Patrol develops youth through self-paced study of the art of leadership. Cadets learn how to lead through formal classroom instruction and a laboratory of hands-on experience where they apply leadership principles to real-world challenges within the cadet corps. Through a graduated curriculum, cadets first learn to follow, then to lead small groups, and ultimately experience command and executive-level leadership, earning cadet grade and honors along the way. Topics include how to think critically, communicate effectively, make decisions, motivate and manage conflict. Self discipline and teamwork are emphasized.


Civil Air Patrol introduces youth to career opportunities in aerospace. America needs today's generation of youth to become tomorrow's aviators, engineers, technicians, and entrepreneurs. CAP helps ensure American aerospace supremacy by introducing cadets to aerospace careers through familiarization courses, job shadowing, military orientation, and informal opportunities to interact with today's aerospace professionals.

Leadership skills, self-confidence, and discipline cadets' gain through CAP prepares them to achieve whatever goals they set for themselves in life.


Our Squadron

The Kansas City area has several fine squadrons. What sets ours apart is our commitment to allowing our imagination take flight and concentrating on the Cadet Program. Our events and projects go beyond most other units in scope and opportunity. We are not confined to any one aspect of the program, but are unleashed to explore our capabilities and interests in all our missions.

Our squadron partners with local businesses who support our activities, emergency service groups to provide training, community organizations that support servicemen, and educational groups in aviation and rocketry.

Our squadron was chartered 12 January, 2006, and has over 60 cadets and officers. Professionals, businessmen and women, corporate presidents, chaplains, pastors, active-duty U.S.A.F., former armed service members, former ROTC members, and parents, comprise the officer staff. In addition, we have several pilots who provide mission services and cadet orientation in light aircraft and gliders.

Our commander is a retired Marine, who is a published author, and is the Director of a non-profit that is raising funds to build a medical war memorial to US servicemen and youth educational center. Our squadron founder is a Medal of Honor recipient who served in Viet-Nam.

Our cadets include two who have soloed, and another who just obtained the grade of Cadet Colonel - Spaatz Award (only 1,630 earned since 1964 out of over 300,000 cadets). Several are interested in attending the U.S. Air Force Academy after high school. Others are interested in aviation careers. But most are just excited about learning about aviation and aero-space.

All of our cadets and officers thrive at being the best they can be, serving and learning all they can, and being proud in representing the United States Air Force in missions with excellence and enthusiastic attitudes.

Whether it's drilling, performing honor and color guard services, emergency services, training, hiking, launching rockets or supporting an air show, we have FUN while training, learning, or exploring the environment of aviation and space.



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