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Mission Statement

Right now, across the country, scores of organizations, leaders and everyday citizens are ready to tackle global warming. The movement is building at an astonishing pace--but to bring about the truly revolutionary change that's needed, we have to come together.

1Sky was created in 2007 to focus the power of millions of concerned Americans on a single goal: bold federal action by 2010 that can reverse global warming. The 1Sky Solutions are grounded in scientific necessity--they are the bottom line of what's needed to dramatically reduce carbon emissions while maximizing energy efficiency, renewable energy and breakthrough technologies. They also represent significant economic promise. By pivoting to a clean energy economy, we can relieve our dependence on foreign oil, unlock the potential of sustainable industry and usher in a new era of prosperity and green jobs.

American citizens are building support for the 1Sky Solutions in key Congressional districts on a non-partisan basis, using cutting-edge communications, Internet and old-fashioned neighbor-to-neighbor outreach. To get our leaders to take action, the 1Sky community is bringing together an incredibly diverse range of individuals and organizations in a collaborative effort. With the help of many leaders and groups, 1Sky has already gained the support of elected officials, student and business groups, and faith-based institutions, as well as organizations focused on health, civil society and the environment--and now we need you.

Together, we can convince our leaders to chart a new direction--away from the catastrophes of global warming and toward a new era of economic prosperity. This is your chance to change the course of history, so get involved today!


Our climate is in crisis. We've learned that what begins as small changes in the earth's temperature can contribute to wholesale disruption of natural systems. The Arctic ice cap and Antarctic ice sheets are melting much faster than expected, at rates 30 years ahead of predictions made by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change. Unless we act decisively, climactic disruptions threaten to drastically alter our way of life.

The American people are ready to take bold action. Several events have converged to put climate change at the forefront of public debate. The Katrina disaster, Vice President Gore's award-winning film and Nobel Peace Prize, erratic weather patterns, and almost weekly scientific reports on global warming have created unprecedented awareness of the climate crisis.

We are building local leaders in eventually every precinct in the country (300,000!)

You can be the voice that leads the climate change movement in your community by talking to your neighbors, organizing local events, reaching out to local organizations, coordinating with other groups and making climate change a key issue for your Congressperson and other elected leaders.

You won't be alone: you'll be part of a nationwide network of 1Sky leaders working to make a difference. We'll make sure you have all the materials you need: training information, how-to guides, materials such as posters, flyers and more.



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