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Mission Statement

We believe that all animals have a right to live. We believe in the possibility of a place where no animals are killed for space, and where all animals have a home. With this in mind, our mission is: · To provide rescue for shelter animals that are scheduled to be euthanized. (Focus will be primarily but not exclusively on those animals who by breed, by color, by age or by circumstance are more likely to be euthanized.) · To provide rehabilitation for rescued animals to allow them to be adopted. (This will include behavioral modification, socialization, spaying/neutering and medical treatment.) · To provide positive opportunities for animals to be matched to carefully screened adoptive parents. (Including aftercare with those families.) · To provide lifelong refuge for animals for whom adoption is not found or is not an option. · To provide information, advocacy, training, support, and collaboration with individuals, rescues, shelters and the community in order to achieve the above ideals.


Bark Ark Bully Rescue was created for the purpose of rescuing pit bulls and pit bull mixes from shelters that are about to euthanize them. In addition, Bark Ark Bully Rescue exists to educate the public about pit bulls - the truth about pit bulls.

The pit bulls rescued by Bark Ark Bully Rescue are innocent victims, destined to die because of their breed(s) not because they have displayed negative or aggressive behavior, or because they are too medically compromised to be considered adoptable. Contrary to popular belief, perfectly healthy and loveable dogs and cats are euthanized every day simply because they have not been claimed or adopted. Pit bulls, in particular, often are not even given the chance for adoption. In many cases, we rescue an animal hours before it is scheduled to be put to sleep, giving the animal an opportunity to be adopted by a loving family and a second chance at life.

Bark Ark Bully Rescue is a 501 (c)(3)non-profit organization located in Clermont County Ohio . We are working to save the lives of dogs in high kill shelters, primarily in Ohio and neighboring states. We are a completely volunteer organization and we can't do it without you. Please consider volunteering, fostering, adopting or donating to help us. We could not continue our work if not for generous people like yourself.



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