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Mission Statement

We strive to use our skills to provide compassion, caring and respect to each animal that comes to our hands. We will provide shelter and veterinary care for homeless or unwanted animals of all species.

Those animals that are deemed fit for adoption will be carefully placed in new homes. Those animals that may pose a danger to themselves or the general public will be humanely euthanized.

We will provide educational materials and help change the current manner of thinking towards companion animals as well as keep the public safe from harm.

We will promote the use of non-lethal population control by the use of sterilizing surgeries for dogs and cats.

We will protect and preserve heritage breeds of poultry and livestock, as defined by the American Livestock Breed Conservancy.


WhipStaff Ranch and Rescue is an all species, all breed privately run animal rescue serving the greater MN area. We network with an extensive number of rescue groups to help MN strive to be a No-Kill state.

We accept all species, from hamsters to horses, with the exception of native wildlife and venomous reptiles.

Our animals stay in foster homes. We have no facility at this time to kennel large numbers of animals. We focus on quality of care rather than quantity. In the future we would love to build an indoor facility to house dogs and cats.



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by Bunny J. from Solway, MN (2009-09-16 20:20:43.0)
I have volunteered for the animal rescue for about a year and have laughed, cried and loved so much that I can't stay away! I can't believe the cruelty that some animals are subjected to before coming to the rescue, and the kindness they receive when they get there. The people that run the rescue are so nice and they truly care about the animals and the people that they work with. I can't say that every day volunteering has been perfect, for instance on Pooper Scooper duty it can be smelly (grin) but I know that keeping pens and pastures clean is just part of the job! If you really want a good place to volunteer, please look no further. I'll meet you there!