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Mission Statement

The Exotic Heritage Cat Association of America (EHCAA) seeks to provide a safe haven for unwanted, negected, or abused cats. We provide rehabilitation, as needed, to be ab;e top place these cats in permanent homes. The EHCAA also provides assistance to families or individuals in need of temporary care for their animals.


Below is a list of the programs our non-profit corporation offers:
1. a no-kill shelter for animals - This is a daily activity and the one that consumes a majority of the corporation's time and resources. Animals may come into the shelter via owner surrenders, via the local animal control agency, feral strays, purebred rescues, etc. This activity is conducted on a daily basis. The animal shelter facility is located in Kingman, Az. This activity is a main thrust of the
corporation in that a main purpose of the organization is to save animals lives and to offer a safe haven for those animals that are lost, abandoned, abused, etc.

2. spay/neuter programs- This activity goes hand-in-hand with the above referenced activity in that all animals taken in by the shelter are spayed or neutered before being adopted out to new homes.
Spay/neuter services are also offered to the elderly, sick and indigent who cannot afford to have their pets spayed or neutered.

3. natural disaster relief - Many animals are abandoned or left homeless during times of natural disasters, such as that which occurred with Hurricane Katrina in New Orleans. The organization provides a sanctuary for such animals until such time as they may be either re-united with their families or, in the alternative, if their owners cannot be located, they are adopted out to new homes.

4. wartime relief for veterans and families - Often times, our service men and woman are called into active duty and are forced to give up their pets while they are serving their country during time of war.
The organization will offer temporary care and housing for the pets of our service people until such time as they return to this country and can re-take possession of their animals. In the alternative, if a service man or woman prefers, the corporation assists in placing the pet in a new adoptive home.

5. veterinary assistance - The corporation offers to pay for veterinary assistance for any sick or injured animal, whether that animal is one that is hit by a car, injured by another animal, or belongs to an elderly, sick, or indigent person who is unable to obtain veterinary care for their pet.

6. animal care assistance - Through its volunteers and/or employees, the organization provides in-home animal care for the elderly or sick who wish to retain possession of their animal in their homes. In the alternative, the organization will provide temporary housing and care at the corporation's facilities until such time as the person is able to once again care for his/her pet. This service is particularly useful to those persons living alone who have to undergo surgery or prolonged medical care (i.e. cancer treatments) and have no one to care for their pet(s) during their time of need.

7. nursing home therapy animals - Through its volunteers, the corporation offers pet therapy to local nursing homes by visiting the nursing homes with people friendly animals who can bring a little joy
into the lives of persons who, for one reason or another, are confined to nursing homes. It is a proven fact that animals can provide beneficial health improvement to those who are ill and suffering or who are recovering from illness or injury.

8. public school educational programs with respect to responsible pet ownership, etc. - the organization provides public school visitation of animals to assist in educating our children on the
responsibilities that accompany animal ownership, on the proper care of animals, and on how to avoid and prevent animal abuse. These educational programs are also offered to 4-H and Scouting programs and to promote merit badges for completion of appropriate training. Towards that end, students are afforded the opportunity to volunteer at the corporations' facilities to gain hands-on experience in the care of animals.

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by Adam S. (2016-07-26 15:04:13.0)
Cover up for a cat hoarder. Conditions are deplorable. Lies to USDA and other agency's. Beware!