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Mission Statement

The Medical Research Forum, Inc. (MRF) is a non-profit organization, which provides online collaboration opportunities and educational grants to physicians interested in conducting clinical research. It offers the worldwide medical community a professional networking platform to conduct medical studies. The platform provides a full array of modern online tools to allow users to communicate, collect research data and track the progress of projects. Physicians can request feedback on research project ideas, combine specialties for research purposes and increase sample sizes by spanning diverse geographic regions. The site is especially useful for studies of rare medical conditions, which often lack statistically significant sample sizes.

By collaborating on a project, clinicians can share time, resources and cost. Researchers will be able to produce a greater number and quality of studies, in a shorter period of time. With more studies and greater sample size, we will be able to make evidence-based conclusions and ultimately provide better patient care.


Once a member, physicians are exposed to a number of valuable features including:

Find Research Partners: Physicians with a project proposal can search for research partners by country, state, institution or specialty. Members can then post their idea to the entire MRF community or invite individuals from select institutions.

Find Research Projects: Physicians aiming to gain research experience can browse research proposals by specialty and request to join specific research groups.

Cross-Specialty Opportunities: Physicians can collaborate on research projects that span various specialties. Research trials can be led by multidisciplinary specialists for patients with co-morbid conditions.

Industry and Scientific Paper Review: Members can review, post and vote on industry products and scientific papers that they believe have or will contribute to their specialty.

These are opinions from physician members only, free of outside influences like industry advertising!!

Most multi-institutional research trials are run by large academic centers. In addition to supporting these centers, the MRF can get smaller programs and institutions from the United States and abroad, involved in collaboration and research. Projects can be initiated and run by private attendings, fellows or residents in training. The website will have research experts in their field from academic centers to provide direction to our new, more inexperienced researchers.



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