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Mission Statement

Bravery Project connects survivors of abuse with the public through visual arts. Our mission is to use the arts to promote education, community, motivation, and hope through stories of survival.

Using portrait artwork, we take the word victim and replace it with bravery by showing real people who have overcome the difficulties of domestic violence and abuse. The artist creates the handmade portrait and the survivor writes about recovery in his/her own words. Together these elements tell an educational story that is unique, powerful, and uplifting.


Many artists desire to make a difference with their art, whether the distinction is to create a new and unique style, to make a social statement, or to merely shock people into the subjective world of the artist's ideas. At Bravery Project, Inc., we propose to make a difference as well by creating a symbiotic relationship between our organization and the organizations working with domestic violence survivors. We help by utilizing creative portrait works as a catalyst for awareness and fundraising.

Through our program, survivors volunteer to share their story through visual art. The purpose is to break through stereotypes and raise public awareness that a survivor of domestic violence can be an elderly person in a nursing home, a woman living in a million dollar house with a V.P. job, or even a man. Additionally, the portraits testify that something can be done; there is a way out of the darkness.

Domestic violence isn't just someone else's problem. It's an insidious social disease that affects all of us, whether it touches us personally or covertly through the economic burdon it places on communities.



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