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Mission Statement

Cancer Support Foundation, Inc provides financial and quality of life resources to anyone undergoing cancer treatment in the state of Maryland. We develop individualized plans to address the day-today challenges faced by cancer patients and their families.


Lifeline to Recovery

In early 2005 the Cancer Support Foundation, Inc. (CSFI) recognized that a significant gap existed in quality of life services and financial support for a significant segment of cancer patients undergoing treatment. Meetings with American Cancer Society (ACS) and other stakeholders helped CSFI identify key elements of the gap and we launched a range of services to help meet that need.

Our mission is to provide financial, emotional and other help to cancer patients in need during treatment. Lengthy treatment periods that may last up to a year mean many clients exhaust all available financial help to include their own incomes, savings and family support. We help anyone with any type of cancer all over Maryland.

A close relationship with American Cancer Society (they refer all Maryland callers to us who are in financial need), religious organizations, hospitals, treatment centers, government agencies and multiple other organizations along with continual community outreach across the State help ensure that all cancer patients can be served.

Our "Gift Bags" will contain information about services to help them handle their quality of life and financial challenges. The bags will contain:

Mary Sue Chocolate Crab

Note Pad

Sport type water drinking bottle

Coupons for services and food

Other Items

Local agencies information

Resources for help

This will be an ongoing program and really help to make a challenging time easier for many families.

This program will be starting in Baltimore County and City in January 2009.

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by Marjorie V. (2013-09-26 06:18:12.0)
Cindy Carter is a one woman rescue and recovery team. With hardly any help or funds, she has moved heaven and earth to save cancer patients in hopeless situations. To my knowledge, she does not have an influential advisory board, and has used volunteer help, as available, to accomplish a lot. I would encourage anyone who has the time and/or resources to support her and the countless cancer patients who have turned to her in desperation, when everyone else turned them away.
by R G. (2011-11-03 08:02:13.0)
I didn't enjoy volunteering for Cindy Carter at all. I managed the lists of all the people who were interested in the thanksgiving food drive. I had to co-ordinate with them and pass on the information to Cindy via emails and excel sheets. I must say I did my part with full dedication. She never properly acknowledged my work, and was almost rude sometimes. I continued after Christmas and was helping her with the Spa day weekend events when she stopped replying to my mails all of a sudden. I had worked so hard on preparing the lists and collecting data, and she just stopped responding completely.I have no clue why. Maybe CSFI does good work, but the volunteers need to be treated with more respect. Very dissatisfying experience.
by Tiffany S. from Baltimore, MD (2010-10-19 07:23:00.0)
Thre seven of eight women in my maternal family that have passed from cancer. All were siblings including my mother. My remaining aunt and uncle from my maternal family has also battled with cancer and are survivors. My maternal grandmother also died from cancer. My sister has battled with cancer over the past two years.Providing comfort and support for families with these illness is very important.