• Ray Stevens, NPA Candidate for Flagler County Sheriff Ray Stevens, NPA Candidate for Flagler County Sheriff


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Mission Statement

I am seeking the position of Flagler County Sheriff

to serve the people;

to fight crime,

to restore the public trust in it's law enforcement,

to provide much needed leadership,

to enhance the effectiveness of the services provided by the dedicated deputies to reverse the rise in crime,

to provide better resources to parents and school administrators in fighting gang activity and illegal drug use and sales,

to renew the public trust with an open-to scrutiny line item budget,

and to return this community to the level of safety once enjoyed, effectively making it a safe place to live, work and raise a family.


Ray Stevens, is the NPA Candidate in the Flagler County election race for Sheriff. As an NPA, Ray is the only candidate currently guaranteed to appear on the November 4th ballot.

With Big City Experience, 30 years of municipal law enforcement, crime-fighting, leadership, and administration, Ray Stevens stands head and shoulders above the 8 contenders for the office. Ray has trained in NYC and worked in NYC as a member of the DEA Task Force. For a large portion of his career, he was the Commanding Officer of the Detective Bureau in the Ossining, NY police department. He has served the communities of both NY and FL.

Ray will bring his Fresh Ideas and Real Solutions to the FCSO and to the community. He will combat the alarming rise in crime, fighting the gangs and illegal drug issues, improve the morale at the FCSO and restore this community to the level of safety it once enjoyed.

He often says, "there is no Republican way nor Democrat way to fight crime" meaning that he will remove political interferences within the office of the sheriff because he comes "with no baggage...political or otherwise" so he "can look at he entire operation anew". Ray has never been affiliated with the FCSO, so he is not restricted to "doing business as usual". He "can and will" do everything he has proposed to do because he is "the new broom", a dedicated leader, and tough on crime.

Additionally, Ray has never been indicted, abused his position for personal gain, violated the public trust, nor practiced employment discrimination. Ray will open his door and his office's financial records to the public. Ray will implement and adhere to a fair promotional policy based. He will restore this community. You will feel safe again if you elect Ray Stevens.

If you believe in Flagler County and want to feel safe again...

If you desire to see competent leadership in the FCSO...

If you want to see the crime rate decrease with purposeful action...

If you want gangs and drug pushers to be pursued and dealt with...

If you are tired of seeing your beautiful community deteriorate before your eyes...

Then you owe it to yourself and your community to get involved in the campaign to elect Ray Stevens as your next sheriff of Flagler County. Edmund Burke said "All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing." Flagler County has elected "good" men in the previous two terms, but the evidence of their inaction (aka their "do nothing") surrounds us daily. It's time for the thousands of good men and women of Flagler County to act. Join the team to elect Ray Stevens. Our county can't afford to elect anyone else.



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