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Mission Statement

WAVE: Working for Alternatives to Violence through Entertainment


An innovative new website www.bullyproof.org uses puppetry, drama and song to teach kids how to win without intimidation or fear. For the first year, teachers and others can download FREE rap music, poetry, puppet cut-outs, and stage plays to teach powerful conflict resolution skills.

· Watch the video of kids with sticky fingers and glue making giant puppets for a play that teaches them how to BullyProof themselves and resolve conflicts peacefully.

· See the dramatic teen video of gang kids performing a life-changing rap 'n roll opera that models a new way of interacting with the world.

· Listen to the songs which teach kids and teens more powerful tools than violence that they can use to stand up for themselves, their friends and their beliefs.

· Read our rhyming and rapping " Legend of the Bullyproof Shields," an engaging story that could well change and empower your life. It won the Columbine Award at Moondance Film Festival!

· Listen to and read the Quest for the Bullyproof Shields, a child's adventure into the land of the imagination, where enchanted characters teach peacemaking skills.

· Enter the contest to win-win up to $1000 in prizes, a drop in the bucket compared to the value of the life skills to be gained.

· Play a game of discovering the secrets hidden behind the BULLYPROOF shields - and you may find thought-provoking ideas to super-charge your own life.

"Whenever I got mad, all my years of conflict-resolution training used to go right out the window. Now I use BULLYPROOF to anchor my training. I think, 'B; - How can I Bust out of this conflict and come at it another way? 'U' Understand -- what is triggering my hot buttons? And theirs? 'L' Am I Listening? Etc. By the time I get to "F" my Fear and anger are gone and I'm able to handle the situation rationally." -- Diane LaResche who taught conflict resolution at George Mason University.

"Who is the mightiest of heroes? He who makes an enemy into his friend" - Talmud

"Love your enemies" - Jesus

"Love is the only force capable of transforming an enemy into friend." - Martin Luther King

Future WAVE surveyed the field of conflict resolution, condensed the various concepts into ten key "shields" and developed them into a simple easy-to-remember acronym: BULLYPROOF. We made each letter stand for an animal character demonstrating a more powerful tool than violence. Then we developed BULLYPROOF SHIELD puppet shows and plays to make learning those ten steps easy, fun and entertaining.


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