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Mission Statement

Knowledge-First specializes in preparing today's learners to meet today's educational and employment demands and the systemic challenges of tomorrow. We believe education should not only address the intellectual capacities, but we consider education a matter of attaining proficiencies that lead to lifelong resiliency. We create an environment where our learners are partners. Throughout the teaching cycle, we work collaboratively with our students to illustrate the relationship between the acquisition of knowledge and the personal relevancy of this information. Because of this attention to both subject matter and more importantly, to the learners themselves, they soon become self-directed in their thirst for knowledge. Using the elements of the virtues, and realizing the needs of the "Whole Child," our students gain an appreciation for the acquisition of knowledge, learn to value the educational environment, themselves and the contributions of others. We believe, as did Plato, that the purpose and ultimate value of education is not to stick thoughts into the pupils' head, but to inspire them to think for themselves.


The Knowledge-First Empowerment Center provides academic components that maximize each learner's intellectual capacities while enriching their personal character. Our Empowerment Center specializes in preparing all learners to meet today's educational demands and the systemic challenges of tomorrow. We believe that education should not only address the intellectual capacities, but moreover, education also constitutes a matter of developing personal character, virtues and the attainment of proficiencies that lead to life long resiliency. We further believe that in order to achieve and maximize the potential that each of us has to offer; we must be exposed to opportunities that will facilitate such goals. As Educational Specialists, we use a combination of research-based theories and best teaching practices, addressing each student's unique learning style, while addressing the needs of the "Whole Child". Knowledge-First, Inc. is a well-established organization working in the Greater Houston Texas area with the Aldine, Fort Bend, North Forest, and Houston Independent school districts and parents since 2001. We provide academic programming in the subjects of math, reading, writing and social studies. In augmenting the educational performances of our learners, we also provide piano instruction and music lessons, conducted chess camps and competitions, knowledge bowls, and spelling bees. We routinely take our learners on field trips providing them with experiences that they would not have otherwise received. Because of our programs, our learners gain an appreciation for the acquisition of knowledge as they learn to value the educational environment, themselves and the contributions of others. Knowledge-First is proud to have been chosen by the Texas Education Agency as an approved Supplemental Education Service Provider (SES). SES are defined as tutoring, remediation, academic intervention, and other supplemental academic enrichment services that are in addition to instruction provided during the school day (i.e., before or after school, on weekends, or during the summer). SES are of high quality, research-based, and specifically designed to increase the academic achievement of eligible children on the state assessment and to assist them in attaining proficiency in meeting the state's academic achievement standards. As an agent for the State, our responsibility is to:

  • Enable the student to attain his/her specific achievement goals.
  • Measure the student's progress and inform the student's parents and teachers of that progress.
  • Adhere to the timetable for improvement student achievement that is developed by the district in consultation with the student's parents and the providers.
  • Protect the privacy of students who are eligible for or receive supplemental educational services.
  • Provide tutoring that is consistent with applicable health, safety, and civil rights laws.

Provide tutoring that is secular, neutral, and non ideological.



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