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Mission Statement

Books for Success strives to promote literacy among youth in underprivileged communities by providing them with the opportunity to explore the world of books and discover the joys of reading through literacy based initiatives.


During a lecture in his ethics class, Dilpreet was compelled to do something about the widespread inequality nad lack of opportunity among those in low income neighborhoods. The lecture covered the topic of inheritance and explored the view of philosopher Jim Haslett. Haslett believed that inheritance was immoral in the sense that it did not provide equal opportunity to everyone as those with wealthy families would have a significant head start in life along with greater opportunities than those with low income or no parents.

During this lecture, Dilpreet pondered how the underprivileged could increase their number of opportunities and socioeconomic staus. He reached the conclusion by believing that an education, particularly strong literacy skills, could be the solution. Thus, Dilpreet started Books for Success in August of 2008.

Books for Success aims to bring about change for such underserved communities and their youth (in grades K-12). Our goal is to positively impact the lives of such underprivileged youth by providing their communities (includes classrooms, school libraries, youth centers, and afterschool reading programs) with books, mini libraries, and to make them reading happy places.We hopet to see underserved income communities with an adequate number of books and an empowered youth with a zeal for both reading and learning.

As of now, Books for Success has three main programs. This includes donating books, setting up mini BFS libraries, and participating in literacy holidays in underserved communities. Upcoming projects include a Reading Buddy/Mentoring Program in February 2009.



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