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Mission Statement

MESA's mission is to increase the numbers of economically disadvantaged and underrepresented students in colleges of engineering, mathematics and science based fields. The vision for Colorado MESA is grounded in our belief that all children deserve a bright future and that children's expectations and attitudes will grow and expand when teachers, advisors, parents and the community come together to create unique ways of learning and achieving. We envision our country increasing our strong edge in mathematics, engineering, science and technology in an integrated global economy and maintaining our global leadership.


Colorado MESA is a nonprofit 501(c)3 organization under the Colorado Minority Engineering Association (CMEA). Our Mathematics, Engineering, Science Achievement (MESA) program is designed to encourage minority and female students to prepare themselves for a college education and to major in mathematics, engineering or science. We provide a source of future engineers and scientists for Colorado employers. Colorado MESA fills the K-12 pipeline to technical careers with students who are underrepresented in mathematics, engineering and science professions - African Americans, American Indian, Latinos/Hispanics and women. By forming partnerships with business, school districts and academia, MESA strengthens K-12 education.

MESA's staff and board seek to serve schools with the lowest academic achievement, the highest dropout rates and students who, on an aggregate and surface basis, would be labeled least likely to succeed. Within these high-need environments, students with various levels of "raw" talent and/or interest in mathematics and science either self-select or are identified and guided to the MESA program where MESA advisors, parents and volunteers from the corporate and academic communities work together to deliver support services and enrichment activities such as:

  • Sponsorship of MESA classes/school programs.
  • Tutoring and mentoring in effective study techniques and preparation for major tests including college admission tests such as the SAT and ACT.
  • Career and academic advising.
  • Assistance with scholarships and financial planning related to college.
  • Collaborative projects that allow students to explore careers in math, science, health and engineering while enhancing their content and communication skills.
  • Field trips to business and industry work sites to see the kind of work they would do as engineers and science professionals.
  • Information from and visits to colleges and universities that help students prepare for and acclimate to the college environment.
  • Parent and teacher workshops and conferences.
  • Incentives to motivate student participation in MESA activities.

MESA starts early, engaging elementary students in hands-on math and science that applies to the real world. MESA middle school and high school students stay on-track for college with rigorous classes, teachers who care, and role models and mentors who help them make valuable connections to colleges and careers.



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