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Mission Statement

Developing World Cures will develop products to treat and diagnose "neglected diseases" prevalent in the developing world. Our vision is a world without neglected diseases.


Developing World Cures is a newly formed non-profit entity seeking to rapidly establish a premier life sciences organization whose mission is to discover and develop medicines, diagnostic assays and devices to treat and diagnose diseases prevalent in the developing world for which existing treatments are not effective or suitable.

The need for effective treatments and cures is obvious and acute but the response from the developed world historically has been muted. For-profit biotechnology and pharmaceutical companies, owing a paramount duty to shareholders, do not unleash their substantial resources and research and development acumen to combat developing world diseases. The revenues would not pay for the extensive research costs incurred. Academic labs receive government and foundation funding to conduct research into these diseases but lack the translational development skills to take scientific advances from "bench to bedside".

In recent years, a handful of pharmaceutical companies and non-profit organizations have turned their attention to neglected diseases. Yet, there are still huge unmet medical needs and a dearth of organizations with the sophisticated skills needed to advance new therapeutics and diagnostics to solve these unmet medical needs in the developing world. DWC will bridge this gap and bring new and effective medicines and treatments to developing countries.

DWC is composed of a team of highly talented and experienced pharmaceutical research and development scientists and healthcare executives. This team will bring its considerable skills and expertise to identify projects with a high likelihood of success, plan rapid and cost effective development programs and execute these plans to obtain the necessary regulatory approvals to bring new medicines and diagnostics to the developing world.



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