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Mission Statement

OUR MISSION is to inspire and enable today's abused children to reach their full potential and become tomorrow's confident, responsible, productive and healthy adults.



Mentors for Youth (Mentors) is a nonprofit residential care program serving the needs of abused and neglected children throughout Southern California.

Mentors was founded in 2001 by local Police Officers who had a vision to make a difference in the lives of "system children." Unfortunately, it is not uncommon for children to have to wait weeks and sometimes months in overcrowded, institutional like facilities hoping that a suitable placement will be found. After seeing these children being warehoused without the support, guidance, education and care they so desperately need and deserve, the officers decided to take action.

The officers investigated the homes, organizations and care these children were receiving and were not impressed. They also witnessed first hand what happened to these children once they turned 18 and the system created to protect them had failed. Often, these abandoned youth lack the crucial skills and education needed to succeed. As a result, many turn to a life of prostitution, drugs and other crimes just to survive. In an effort to stop this cycle, Mentors for Youth was born.

Our Homes
Mentors for Youth has homes in family oriented neighborhoods with each home able to accomodate up to 6 children. A smaller, more personable setting allows our youth the opportunity for quality time and special requirements to be met on an individual basis.

Independent Living Program

Our primary goal is to teach our youth the skills necessary to successfully transition into the community once they turn 18. Our youth are introduced to a variety of career opportunities, as well as being taught everything from domestic skills, to money management, to obtaining proper house, etc.

Treatment Plans

Our team of professionals consisting of Licensed Clinical Social Workers, Marriage and Family Therapists, Psychiatrists, Psychologists, and Case Managers collectively create a personalized case plan for each child in our care with regards to their emotional and psychological well being.

Each mentor is carefully screened and chosen for their academic accomplishments, experience, level of commitment, and ability to helping youth achieve success.


We believe that recreation is important for physical well-being and because it provides our children with a variety of enjoyable, educational, and cultural experiences. Besides, everyone needs to have a little fun! Activities include amusement parks, playing and attending sports, museums, movies, camping and much more.


Although our program is designed to enroll the children in the public school system, we also utilize non-traditional and specialized school programs to help meet their individual needs. Academic evaluation, speciazlied testing, and tutoring is also provided. We encourage and assist our youth to continue their education by attending college.


In addition to training and employment preparation, our youth maintain full time, part time, or volunteer positions in the community. They are provided transportation to and from work, as well as taught to use the public transportation system.


Following graduation, we offer assistance at a time when it is most needed. The first year is a critical period when Transitional Housing, Independent Living Funds, advice, and support can make all the difference. Our aftercare program allows the alumni to feel connected to a place they can call home.



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