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Mission Statement

City View Charter School's mission is to provide a whole learning environment, employing purposeful integration and differentiated instruction to create powerful learning experiences that address individual needs and maintains academic challenges for students of all levels.


Our School Philosophy
We believe that all children can excel at learning and that academic distinction can be achieved through inspired leadership and collaborative efforts that heavily involve the student's interests and natural curiosities. It is our goal to create a "whole learning environment" where students not only learn academically but are nurtured and respected as individual members of a community. In keeping with the high quality education standards of the Hillsboro School District, City View Charter School is dedicated to offering all families in our community an alternative school option that will address students with diverse backgrounds, abilities, learning styles and needs.

Our School Vision
Our school vision is to create a dynamic community-based school that:

  • Treats all students as gifted and talented
  • Embraces and encourages diversity in our school
  • Builds, supports and values parental involvement
  • Draws on our local and global community's extensive resources
  • Is dedicated to preserving student-centered learning
  • Provides a safe, nurturing, and "whole learning environment" where students can take risks and achieve high levels of learning

Our Academic Program
City View Charter will teach students using the Expeditionary Learning Outward Bound approach. The Expeditionary Learning component of Outward Bound USA was created in 1993 as a "break the mold" school design and is currently implemented in over 115 urban and rural schools throughout the country, the District of Columbia and Puerto Rico. The program emphasizes learning by doing, with a particular focus on teamwork and literacy.

City View Charter students will be encouraged to be active learners and will be provided the support and guidance to challenge themselves and achieve higher levels of learning. Lessons are taught across subject disciplines, through project-based curriculums called "learning expeditions". Students will conduct sustained, in-depth investigations of a topic that lead to authentic projects, fieldwork, and service. Expeditions bring experts into the classroom and take students out into the community to conduct research and fieldwork - providing authentic learning experiences both inside and outside of the school. All curriculum and learning expeditions' designs are directly aligned to the Oregon State Standards. Character development and self-esteem building is inherent to our entire program, most notably when the student's final products are taken back out into the community and seen as valuable in a larger context. In addition to the standardized testing and benchmarking as required by the district and the Oregon Statewide Assessment System (OSAS), student progress will be regularly assessed using rubrics and project goals, student work portfolios, passages and exhibits.

Although the school will be chartered through the Hillsboro School District and will become a part of the public school system, we will not be a district school. Our school governance board is responsible for aligning the school visionary goals with functionality and accountability. The Administrator is responsible for all of the school operations and is charged with maintaining overall accountability to all of the stakeholders of the charter school. A senior teacher will act as our Curriculum Specialist and will be responsible for the integrity of the academic program and all curriculum related issues.

Family and Community Involvement
Parents will always play a significant role in the school, from the startup to day-to-day operations. Families will be encouraged to commit to developing a strong school culture of support and involvement.

We endeavor to create a parent network that is empowered to take active roles in parent -led committees, auxiliary and enrichment programs, classroom and teacher specific needs, and school-wide development. Parents and other community members will be recruited to serve as guest experts, attend exhibitions of student work, and serve on portfolio panels.

As a public charter school, we will enroll students on a basis of available openings in each grade without preference of race, gender, socio-economic standing, or student ability. Our program provides a "whole learning environment" that will address the needs of average students, high-end learners, low-achieving students, English language learners and students with special education needs. The instructional methodologies and learning environment fostered at City View will be uniquely supportive of an inclusion based model for educating a broad range of students. The combination of a reasonable student teacher ratio, cooperative learning groups, diversity of experience and expertise within the teaching staff, and the use of expeditions as the focus of teaching and learning will enable the school to address the needs of each student within an integrated classroom.

The City of Hillsboro is a diverse and developing community that attracts a wide variety of people to the city's established concentration of high tech businesses, expanding state of the art medical facilities, and agricultural industry. These distinct areas of business, together with a strong cadre of local businesses create a spectrum of cultural and economic diversity within our community. The Hillsboro School District is the 4th largest district in the state, encompassing areas in West Portland, North Plains, Cornelius, Aloha and Sherwood. Currently, there is a lack of alternative choices in education in this region to serve the increasingly diverse and changing needs of the community. City View Charter School will provide a "public school of choice" for families that are seeking an alternative option for their children's education.



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