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Mission Statement

We are committed to the wellbeing, health and safety of airline passengers. We stand for passengers not only have their well being intact once they arrive at their destination, but that they have the experience of being cared for. Primarily we are concerned with that which goes on inside the planes, such as long stranding incidences on the ground, where people aren't offered a way to get off of the plane, nor are they offered food, water or hygienic toilets.

The magnitude of the problem has been underestimated. In 18 months we've discovered thousands of flights held more than 4 hours on the tarmac with evey variety of medical event unfolding inside the aircraft. Diabetics in Distress, Pregnant women in distress, disabled and elderly as well as young people with compromised immune systems are placed at risk. That equates to 20% of the flying public. Not to mention the E-coli in the airlines water.

We have 5 bills in Congress and have been responsible for 3 rulemakings with the DOT in 18 months.

We need voluntters for our hotline and other duties that are sorely lack ing in attention with the increase in complaints.

Kate Hanni


We have a hotline 1-877-flyes 6 that people may call for free to get help with their airline issues.

We lobby in DC and need help there as well as in each state to rally our members and get them calling their congress man and senators.

No one, including me the executive director is paid, although we are working on grants to create more abundance for our cause.

We have a website www.flyersrights.org and receive 400 hotline calls and hundreds of e-mails a day from travelers who have been egregiously handled by an ever increaing apathy and hostility by the airlines.

We are joined by all of the major consumer groups, USPIRG, Consumer Union, National Consumer's leage, Consumer Federation of America and Public Citizen as well as International Association of Machinists.




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