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Mission Statement

Through Rebuild Hope Americans help seriously wounded current era veterans and their families overcome short term financial problems as they strive to build healthy and stable civilian lives. Rebuild Hope helps them develop realistic budgets, offers complementary counseling and referral services, and enables donors to easily make gifts knowing that 100% will be distributed to deserving families.


Rebuild Hope is the only national 501(c)(3) non-profit that

Ø Operates a website that supports self-directed donations to individual beneficiaries

Ø Provides up to $2400 in transitional financial assistance to both veterans and active service members

Ø Distributes 100% of donations designated for beneficiaries

Ø Provides sponsorship funding to other military support organizations

Rebuild Hope operates an online financial support network which brings donors and recipients together. Beneficiaries display personal profiles and specific requests for assistance; donors either advise Rebuild Hope as to how they would like their donations to be distributed or ask Rebuild Hope to make this decision in their behalf.

Rebuild Hope serves veterans and active members of the regular military, the Reserves and National Guard who suffer from life-altering physical and/or non-physical injuries - and their immediate caregiving family. Injuries need not be combat-related but they must lead, or have led, to a service medical discharge.

Rebuild Hope provides "transitional financial assistance", that is, funds designed to help beneficiaries deal with financial problems during transitional times. At this time up to $2400 is available in any 12 month period. While this may not seem like a lot, it does make a big difference in reducing financial hardships. It equates to an extra $200 a month towards apartment rental or childcare for a year or $400 a month for a half year. Rebuild Hope intends to raise the amount provided to individuals as our donor capacity allows. Visit our website to view the kinds of needs that are eligible.



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