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Mission Statement

The New York Volunteer for Youth Campaign was established in 1994 to create tens of thousands of new one to one mentoring relationships for at-risk youth.


The New York Volunteer for Youth Campaign links 45 member agencies located in neighborhoods throughout New York city with individuals willing to be a caring friend to a young person who needs guidance. The Campaign holds a volunteer orientation every two weeks to inform interested people about opportunities. Volunteers then apply to an agency which screens and trains them. All Campaign agencies provide regular supervision to volunteers and their matches.



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by Terrence P. (2010-04-15 10:59:20.0)
I have been looking for awhile to get involed with a youth volunteer program. Although I grew up in a great home with a wonderful family back ground. I always seem to wonder what or how or who would I be if I didn't. I often see kids on the streets that come from broken homes and my heart goes out to them. Sometimes I speak, just to start small talk, to find out how theirs live have been and how can I change the bad to good in their lives. I find that a great deal of them are very smart and know to some degree what they want to do in life. But I also find that there is no support in their homes or in theirs live at all to give them that push. Thats where I feel that I come in. I find that a lot of them that I speak with have no fathers. I grew up all my life without mine, so I can truly feel their pain. I want to be that example to them, to show them that life goes on, and although we are our fathers childen we are not their choices. but we still can have life and live it.