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Mission Statement

The Colorado Rangers / Colorado Mounted Rangers are a statutorily authorized all-volunteer, unpaid auxiliary unit for the purpose of lending assistance to law enforcement agencies, emergency management, fire-fighting, emergency medical service, and search-and-rescue agencies statewide.

The Rangers are the oldest statewide law enforcement organization in Colorado, originally organized in 1861.

Today's Rangers are an all volunteer force that serve in mountain, rural and urban areas throughout Colorado. You will find Rangers patrolling on horseback, riding ATVs, as well as in vehicles and on foot.

If you would like more information about the Rangers, and/or you are interested in becoming a Ranger, please use our Membership Information contact form at http://www.coloradoranger.org.

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The Colorado Mounted Rangers / Colorado Rangers are the oldest law enforcement organization in Colorado, formed in 1861 in the Colorado Territory. Today, Rangers are volunteers who can be called into service at any time by any state law enforcement or emergency management agency. emergency.

The Rangers operate as a 501.c.3 non-profit organization and depend on donations to sustain the organization.

In order to generate operational funding, the Rangers also work with Municipal and County governments, non-profit organizations and for profit businesses by providing crowd control, traffic control, parking direction and security. All Rangers provide this community service free of charge, but do request a donation to the Troop Treasury. This funding is used to obtain needed equipment such as radios, safety vests, CPR masks, first aid supplies, body armor, etc.

Colorado Mounted Rangers (CMR) training includes a wide range of areas such as first aid, CPR, arrest control procedures, tactical baton and qualification with firearms several times a year. Rangers are not only trained to control a situation but to exercise restraint, maturity and professionalism to avoid unnecessary force and to maintain calm to deter escalation of violence.

The CMR also presents a professional image with meticulous green and tan uniforms that maintain the proud western heritage of the Colorado Rangers.

Present Colorado Mounted Ranger Troops:

  • B Troop - Divide
  • D Troop - Durango
  • H Troop - Thornton
  • I Troop - Colorado Springs
  • J Troop - Canon City
  • K Troop - Edgewater
If you, your city, town, organization or business is interested in more information or would like to speak with a CMR Ranger, please send a detailed e-mail including name, business, location, email address, business address and phone number to the following email address: info@coloradoranger.orgor go to our website http://www.coloradoranger.org

A CMR Officer with a troop operating in your area will contact you. Thank you for your interest in the Colorado Mounted Rangers / Colorado Rangers!



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by michael f. from OKLAHOMA CITY, OK (December 17, 2009)
Proudly, I'm a former Captain of Rangers of Troop K, Aurora,Co until 1991 when I retired from the U.S. Army at Ft. Carson,Co and relocated to Florida. The Rangers are one of finest organisations I've ever been associated with. There kown for assisting Law enforcement,Disaster relief,missing persons,traffic movement,disabled assistance and augementation and inclusion with local,state,federal law enforcement during certain joint projects. A Ranger takes no monies for his services to their fellow Coloradans. At times they may put their lives on the line especially during rescue service. I hope everyone in Colorado will remember volunteerism is the Soul of America.
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