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Mission Statement

The National Institute for Civic Enterprise, in conjunction with Lake Eustis Institute, has the following mission:

The mission of NICE is to engage and network creative civic and social entrepreneurs for the purpose of broadcasting and replicating their innovative social solutions to communities across the nation. Through the www.NICEnetwork.org , a state-of-the-art web-based platform, NICE aims to facilitate regular professional exchange, offer access to a well-rounded not-for-profit training network, and compile an ever-growing online knowledgebase of proven solutions and techniques that can be replicated nationwide. NICE also works to promote civic entrepreneur initiatives in the media, encourage volunteer and donor participation, and provide Florida-based nonprofit training in the area of promotion and earned-income strategies.


Debra Berg launched theNational Institute for Civic Enterprise in 2007. Based on her research findings of 14 years, she realized that many civic entrepreneurs and their social successes were confined to one location. Or, the inventors were unaware of similar efforts in other cities. Debra believed they would benefit greatly from ongoing interaction, especially since the majority had an interest in replicating their ideas.

The foremost mission of NICE is to connect these innovators to speed solutions to all parts of the country and eliminate duplication of effort. NICE is presently gathering momentum and growing with the help of donors supplemented by an earned-income funding strategy.


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