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Mission Statement

The MMMMOVENMENT aims to seek out the protion of society that make up the "least, last and the lost". This translates into the uninformed, incarcerated, drug and alcoholic, homeless and hospitalized segments of our community.

Our mission is simple to first identify those people in neeed and then provide them with the appropriate spiritual, physical and emotional services.


This MMMMOVEMENThas two main phases, namely to identify the Metro Orlando community members who are homeless, drug and alcohol addicted, HIV/AIDS infected and post- incarcerated, in need of human services and then to connect them to needed human services , while providing spiritual support. The MMMMOVEMENTwill work to identify these needy members through a collaborative partnership made up of local churches, businesses, local law enforcement agencies, existing community service providers and any other concerned citizen. These entities will come together and conduct a city wide outreach effort to both identify and provide service to the needy people we have already mentioned.. The goal is to create a "community of partners" dedicated to serving the needs of the needy people of our community.

Teams of volunteers from our "community of partners" across the city will mobilize into twelve selected areas. Each area will get attention from the outreach group for a month. For example: if one of the chosen areas is the Paramore area, that area will be outreached for a solid month. Each area will get the attention of the entire MMMMOVEMENT, which means we will concentrate on one area at a time before moving on to the next area. Teams of volunteers will go street to street and house to house with information from our local churches and community service providers.

This will include preventive information concerning the use and sale of drugs and alcohol, teen pregnancy, homelessness, crime prevention and available spiritual counseling and services. In addition, an invitation will be extended to come, thank and praise God at that areas end of the month celebration.

When the month is done, we would have walked every street in the area and knocked on as many doors as possible. Finally we would have conducted an Outreach Celebration. During this celebration , Phase two will be implemented, which is to provide identified needy individuals with physical, spiritual, and emotional services.

Our door to door, street to street outreach efforts will be dedicated to sharing the gospel of Jesus Christ and providing human service information. However, it will also be dedicated to working along with law enforcement agencies to report any crime related activity, including drug use or sales. We will not take the law into our hands, but simply report any illegal activity.

Phase two also seeks to provide temporary, physical residences for people who are homeless, as well as for youth, drug and alcoholic dependent, HIV/AIDS infected, post incarcerated and elderly victims of crime who earnestly seek restoration of their lives.



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