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Mission Statement

Vision Statement A thriving community of diverse individuals who are the network of resources where everyone's gifts and talents are exchanged through the currency of time; and individual needs are met through both giving and receiving. Mission -To encourage community communication, interaction and involvement -To provide formal structure for connection and accountability -To foster mutual respect for all individuals and bridge gaps of diversity -To provide economic relief through access to alternative resources -To promote equality and recognition for the sharing of time and gifts -To provide assistance for help that may otherwise go unattended -To promote continued independence in the community


A Timebank is a network of community members who exchange their gifts and talents for the currency of time in a structured manner. It values everyone’s needs both to give and receive. It builds and strengthens the community. The SWEL Timebank serves primarily the communities of Shoreline, Woodway, Edmonds and Lake Forest Park. We also have members in neighboring communities. Members meet at quarterly potluck events and list their talents on our online database for others to see. The database tracks the hours given and received, and each hour is valued equally.

How Timebanks Work
One hour of your time equals one hour of anyone else's time. All hours are recorded on a web-based accounting system: like a bank account using hours instead of dollars! When you need a service (leaves raked, babysitting, advice on buying a car) you consult the time bank directory for persons who provide that service. You make an agreement with your chosen provider. That service provider earns (deposits) hour credits in the communal time bank and the same number of hours are deducted (withdrawn) from your account.

You are also a provider of services. You start by posting a list of services on-line that you can perform for others (for example: tax preparation, computer repair, yoga). When you provide a service to another time bank participant, you earn hours that are deposited in your time bank account.



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