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Mission Statement

Computers 2 Kids (C2K) believes all children and their families in San Diego, regardless of their economic status, need to be computer literate and have equal access to technology and the crucial educational, occupational, and financial resources that technology can provide to improve their educational options and their futures. C2K believes it's critical that we reduce computer waste, which comprises about 23 million tons of garbage that is generated each year. C2K also strongly believes that the estimated 30 to 40 million PCs that are recycled annually, most still in working condition, could be better used by refurbishing them and giving them to the 28% of San Diego homes without access to technology. Since corporations and individuals are constantly updating their technology they need a way to recycle their old systems that is both socially and environmentally responsible. C2K's comprehensive program of recycle, refurbish, and respond provides an ideal solution for this issue.


Working to close the digital divide, C2K puts all of its efforts toward giving low-income community members better access to technology.There is a huge disparity between socio-economic status and computer use among San Diego's population. Economic barriers to such an essential tool in today's society hinder the growth and development of low-income families and continuously widen the socioeconomic gap. Official estimates by San Diego County suggest that 41.8% of public school students come from low-income families. Because children of low-income families rely primarily on their school computers and have no technological access at home, they are at a significant disadvantage compared to children with home computers.

C2K realized that the computer literate market constantly update their equipment to newer technology and leave their slightly older models to collect dust. By collecting and refurbishing these computers, C2K provides valuable technology that has been traditionally denied to low-income families. This strategy has been validated time and time again by the enormous gratitude and excitement of the kids and parents who, for the first time, know they will have their very own computer at home.


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