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Mission Statement

Our mission is to create environments that motivate children to learn by engaging them in the connections between the classroom and real life.


For more than 15 years, M ICROS OCIETY has been creating motivating learning environments that are meaningful and relevant to children. Beyond project based learning or one day simulations, M ICROS OCIETYactivities are long-term, authentic, and interconnected. They inspire success.

The MicroSocietyprogram involves students in the design and management of their society in miniature not online but real time for one period a day. Each student has a MicroSociety job and is a MicroSociety citizen. It is hands on, developmentally appropriate and it integrates into the schools' traditional curriculum throughout the day. By connecting school to life we increase the relevance of classroom instruction and motivate students to stay in school and take responsibility for their own learning.

Our non-profit organization offers professional development, curriculum and a wide range of support services to its network of schools, districts and networks of after school programs. We help children find meaning and purpose in their education and prepare them to be discerning students as they proceed through higher education and ultimately into adulthood as productive, contributing citizens and skilled innovators in a global economy.

M ICROS OCIETY provides its network of schools, after school community centers, summer programs, and multi-site initiatives with a comprehensive range of services and support programs. We tailor our services to fit the particular needs, interests, and resources of our sites, from the experienced to the rookie and address the needs of the entire range of students in the K-8 population including gifted and special needs. Our goal is to find the extraordinary in every child and we've been doing just that for over 15 years.



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