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Mission Statement

Mission Statement

It is the vision of the founders of Level 7 Recovery to provide a safe, quality, structured, recovery environment, in which clients can work the 12 Steps of recovery as they progress through a 4 Phase Program at an affordable cost to the client, while maintaining integrity with other treatment professionals and the criminal justice system.

The program will educate them on life skills, help them to re-establish healthy relationships with their families, and reintegrate them into the community. The goal is to teach our clients how to anticipate, avoid and cope with their personal high-risk situations in a supportive environment so that they may later use these skills as they continue in recovery in the community.


The founders of Level 7 Recovery believe in the holistic approach as an effective method for the treatment of addiction. The disease of addiction manifests itself by the obsessive and compulsive use of mind and mood altering chemicals.

Once the chemicals are removed it is often discovered that there were other self destructive patterns of behavior that are exacerbated with continuous and chronic use. Long term recovery is realized through complete abstinence of mind and mood altering chemicals and the addressing of these self destructive patterns of behavior.

We believe that addiction is progressive and incurable in nature. When untreated, an addict's dependence on drugs will continue to escalate. An addict's physical and emotional dependency as well as a spiritual void will increase as their dependence on the drug increases. Jails, institutions, and death are typical outcomes for the addict that is not in the recovery process.

The addiction process can be arrested. Addicts participating in their recovery have achieved long periods of abstinence as long as they abstained from any mind or mood altering chemicals. Relapse can occur when an addict does not participate in their recovery.

Relapse is often characterized by an immediate return to the same patterns of behavior and thought that were exhibited at the onset of chronic and prolonged drug use. Level 7 Recovery's philosophy is grounded in the belief of complete abstinence from any mind or mood altering chemicals as well as addressing self destructive behavior patterns.

Level 7 Recovery believes that addiction is treatable providing the addict is willing to work a daily 12 Step recovery program. Incorporation into their family, including restoration into society, becomes real possibilities. Adherence to a daily 12 step program will enable an addict to find a new way of life and freedom from active addiction.

Our philosophy is to help each resident embrace a positive and productive lifestyle and to prevent a return to unhealthy, destructive patterns.



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