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Mission Statement

At FDC Philadelphia, we offer programs that allow incarcerated females a chance to better themselves and prepare for Reentry back into the community. We believe that self-improvement programs are pertinent in developing personal growth and better health for all incarcerated. GED, English as a Second Language, Adult Continuing Education, Parenting, Vocational Training, Job Readiness, Wellness, Leisure, and testing classes are examples of some programs that provide opportunities for attaining skills needed to successfully become productive citizens when returning to society. With the addition of increased skills, those incarcerated will be more responsible and accountable to both their families and the working world. A direct result from providing meaningful program opportunities will increase Public Safety within communities at large. Needing to provide numerous programs affords us the ability to partner with organizations, agencies, and volunteers to assist in making changes needed in the lives of others. It is only with the help of others that we are able to be the paradigm shifters in allowing personal and career goals to become a reality. Becoming a partner in this initiative by providing a 2nd Chance to those in need will reap benefits to all involved so there is a win-win outcome on a global scale.


FDC Philadelphia is located in Center City, Philadelphia┬┤s Historic District. The institution is a 14 story institution with 320,000 square feet of staff offices , inmate work and living areas. The structure was designed to blend in with the historic buildings in the immediate area. The facility is an Administrative Level facility, housing pretrial inmates for the Eastern District of Pennsylvania, all of Delaware, and southern New Jersey along with a female Work Cadre. Females incarcerated at FDC Philadelphia work at improving and/or gaining Reentry skills needed to become productive citizens upon return to society.

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