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Mission Statement

The Center for Economic Policy Analysis (CEPA) recognizes that in a democracy, knowledge is power. CEPA is a premier source of knowledge and understanding about the inner workings of public policy and public finance. We offer to all groups, regardless of economic status, the power of affordable, high-quality research, leading to new coalitions and providing essential support for democratic processes in which everyone can participate as an informed citizen.


What do we believe? -- Democracy would function better if all groups had understanding and participated in policy making. Communities are often excluded, perceived as if they have no skills.

Why do we do what we do? -- Because we think communities do have skills. They have been denied opportunities to participate. One of the key hindrances is control of information by people with money who understand that knowledge is power. They keep knowledge to themselves. CEPA can break this stranglehold on knowledge and bring about the world we want.

Government that truly is of, by, and for all the people, where everyone has access to the information they need for informed participation in decisions about the systems and programs affecting them. To this end, we will seek transparency in the development and analysis of government programs and spending. To make this vision a reality:

We will conduct and publicize research on topics such as housing, public transit, taxes, community development, and other topics.

We will enable reporters to write and broadcast more insightful stories. We will cut through the clutter of claims, counterclaims, and simplistic sound-bites, instead providing insight into the real meaning of events and the hidden agendas in policy proposals. We will provide information that is already fact-checked and may include overlooked points of view.

We will provide community organizations with the building blocks of collaboration, making them more effective by revealing the inner workings and critical pressure points of public policy and showing the way to innovative solutions that actually solve the real problem.

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