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Mission Statement

The mission of PRX is to create more opportunities for diverse programming of exceptional quality, interest, and importance to reach more listeners.


The Public Radio Exchange is an online marketplace for distribution, review, and licensing of public radio programming. PRX is also a growing social network and community of listeners, producers, and stations collaborating to reshape public radio.

Any radio station, any distributor, and any producer can add work to a PRX catalogue of documentaries, series, commentaries and features. There are thousands of pieces, on almost any topic.

We sift through the site every day, finding work that programmers can plug straight into their schedules. Our editorial board of producers and station staff help us, along with a community of thousands of volunteer reviewers. We send out regular programming suggestions and highlight relevant stuff on our site.

Of course, you can search on your own, too. We built a powerful search tool that will help you find precisely what you need, at the right length, on the right subject or by the right producer.

Anyone - reviewers, producers, program decision-makers - can listen to the full-length stream of any piece. Station staff an grab an audition-only mp3 and take it to go.

So here's the cool part: PRX takes care of all the rights and royalties. When you want to air a piece, you just click "License this piece." You get immediate access to download a broadcast-quality mp2 and mp3, and we pay the producer a royalty. That's right, producers. We said "royalty."

Every station starts with six hours of free radio, and every producer starts with two hours of free audio space. After that, you choose how many hours you want for a single annual fee. (Fee? We're a nonprofit, but our funders are only so generous.)



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