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Mission Statement

The Sonny Archer Law Enforcement Scholarship Foundation sees the Big Picture!

Self-improvement is Improvement to Society on the whole!

It is our goal to be the "First" Non-Profit Foundation geared toward saving lives and health care costs by bringing Hypertension Awareness specifically to current Law Enforcement Officers and prospective candidates, on the risks of this Disease known to be the "Silent Killer".


To lessen some of the financial burden by offering Scholarships to qualified students pursuing or continuing a career in the Law Enforcement profession.


1) Develop a less stressful approach as candidates choose to be a part of this Noble profession. By decreasing the impact of the financial burden of the expenses incurred as students pursue a career in Law Enforcement, both in the State Of Florida and New York. Eliminating some of the stress factors of entering into this profession by instilling a sense of financial relief while accomplishing their goals in becoming a significant part of society.

2) It is important to send the message to all who are interested in becoming Law Enforcement Officers that this financial assistance exists whether or not they are following in a family member’s footsteps or they are creating their own footprints to be followed.

3) Minimizing the amount of active and retired Law Enforcement Officer deaths by providing awareness to Hypertension and ultimately leading to Healthier Life-styles.

4) Saving this Nation millions of dollars in Line of Duty Benefits. Providing better health awareness, decreasing the chance of Heart Disease. Heart attacks remain the 3 rd highest cause of death among Police Officers.

In pursuing these goals our clients can expect:

  • One 60-minute Hypertension training session which will include hypertension screening for new Law Enforcement and Correction recruits/trainees while in the Academy.
  • Information in the form of literature, lectures and hypertension screenings to both New York State and the State of Florida Active Law Enforcement Officers.
  • Information in the form of literature, hypertension screening and lectures to Senior High School students.
  • Information in the form of hypertension screening and literature to the Public

Financial Aid for:

  • One New York State High School graduate maximum age of (26), pursuing a career in Law Enforcement and entering into a Criminal Justice Studies Program in College.
  • One College Student, maximum age of (31) entering their 3rd year of Criminal Justice Studies Program.
  • One Candidate in the State of Florida maximum age of (32), wishing to become a Law Enforcement Officer and has qualified to enter into the Police Academy.
  • One qualifying candidate maximum age of (32), wishing to join the Correction Department in the State of Florida.

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