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Mission Statement

Who We Are:
As a 501(c) (3), not for profit foundation, Kids With Courage recognizes, encourages and honors the courageous children and young people living with Type 1 diabetes.

Our Vision:
A culture of engaged young people (who just happen to have Type 1 diabetes) with "can do" attitudes, committed to a lifetime of learning, achievement, leadership, and service.

Our Mission:
Together with caring Americans, Kids With Courage will embrace the children and young people living with Type 1 diabetes, offering support programs and educational scholarships.

What Makes Us Different:
Our Beginning makes us different. Inspired by the bravery of her 7 year old daughter, McGwire (diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes), Daphna Bottcher developed the idea for the Kids With Courage Foundation in 2006. Knowing that hope alone was passively inadequate to manage the daily challenges and demands of this devastating disease, Daphna pursued the creation of an organization that pro-actively promotes courage as its cornerstone. Programs are designed to provide practical and distinct support that has a direct and immediate influence in the lives of children, young people and their families that are challenged with this life-long disease.

The Importance of our Programs:
The future of our communities, and our country, lies in the hands of our children, America's precious resources, valued treasures, and most important assets. All children should have the chance to grow up as healthy, productive and caring people.

Our Challenges:

  • Type 1 diabetes is an insidious, serious disease, and remains widely misunderstood by our society. There is no cure for Type 1 diabetes, and there's nothing a child can do, or a parent can do to prevent them from getting Type 1 diabetes.
  • Insulin is not a cure for diabetes, it is merely life support. Science is progressing, and, we have hope for a cure. Until then courage must fuel the futures of these children and families, otherwise their futures will falter, and they will become victims, rather than victors of their circumstances.
  • There are approximately 13,000 newly diagnosed children each year in the United States. [That is 35 children per day] Being a child diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes, not only changes the child s life forever, but changes the lives of the entire family, and creates enormous medical and psychological issues for all.
  • There is a growing attitude among children and families, living with Type 1 diabetes, that economic opportunity was a thing of the past. The medicine and treatment of Type 1 diabetes is very expensive and these children and families, must carry the burdens of these high costs not just temporarily, but for life.

How Will We Fulfill our Mission...
by Reaching Out, Giving Hope and Improving Lives:

  • By being Ambassadors and messengers. Break the cycle of confusion by sharing stories about the courage of these children and educate society about Type 1 diabetes.
  • One of our goals is to reach every person affected by Type 1 diabetes; we will develop and design programs that inspire children to realize that they can create the life of their dreams, in spite of Type 1 diabetes.

Current initiatives:

  1. Crateful of Courage: Being diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes is devastating and can be overwhelming. For these children (and their families), being courageous involves being fully aware and accepting of the threat of immediate medical emergencies and their long term health concerns. Empowering families, by encouraging education, awareness and advocacy is essential. Courageous behavior consists of taking responsibility and being pro-active. Benefits of being courageous include personal integrity and thriving in the midst of normality. Newly diagnosed children and youth, receive a crate (age appropriate), filled with educational and resource materials, comfort and support items designed to encourage children and families.
  2. Team Courage: Children and young people with Type 1 diabetes are invited to join "Team Courage". We consider those with Type 1 diabetes as the Most Valuable players (MVP's). Our philosophy is to encourage our MVP's to become "champions" and get the most out of their opportunity of life. Being a champion is about doing your very best to achieve your goals, despite the difficulty and challenges that type 1 diabetes brings. (Coming in 2009)
  3. Scholarship Program: The need for college scholarships by young people with Type 1 diabetes is enormous. Families must make saving for college a lower priority since a child with Type 1 diabetes needs expensive daily medications and quality healthcare just to survive. As tuition continues to rise, support of scholarships becomes even more important. Our scholarship program recognizes the personal triumphs of outstanding students who demonstrate active involvement in their community and/or sports while engaged in a healthy self management of their Type 1 diabetes. Our Scholarship Program will begin as funds become available.
  4. Hall of Heroes: Everyone needs a Hero! Especially children and young people who face and battle the challenges each and every day brought on by the disease of Type 1 diabetes. We will invite and induct into our "Hall of Heroes", distinguished American "Heroes" to our foundation. These "Heroes" will be role models whose experiences exemplify that the opportunity for a successful life are available to any individual who is dedicated to the principles of integrity, hard work, perseverance and compassion for others. Their stories will serve as examples of a "can do" attitude and the importance of working hard towards achieving a dream.

As the foundation grows, so does our dedication to the development of new programs that support children and young people with Type 1 diabetes.


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